Independent Research Project:
Third Year Project

Black Fly Project:
Comparitive and phylogenetic study of two morphological structures on the hind legs of Simuliidae; calcipala and pedisulcus.  Carried out as part of an independant research project in my third year.
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Bat Fly Project:

Carried out in Nicaragua on Ometepe Island.  Examined the accuracy of published ranges of the Streblidae ectoparasitic flies in this region.
Nicaragua pictures
Floral density effects on pollinators:

Carried out in Ba Be National Park, Vietnam.  Examined the effect of floral densities on pollinator densities and visitation rates.

Vietnam pictures
My Research Projects
Independent Research Project:
Fourth Year Project

In continuation of experiments carried out in the summer of 2001 with Dr. Anurag Agrawal, I carried out an independant research project under Dr Agrawal.  The focus of the research was to address induced responses to herbivory in the common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca

This includes investigating whether induced responses increase with damage and if there is a trade-off between plant resistance and tolerance to herbivores.  The first experiments of this project were carried out at the University of Toronto's ecology field station at Joker's Hill and continued in to the winter in the University of Toronto's Botany greenhouses.  The paper for publication is being written now.

The Field Site

Greenhouse Layout
Where are the calcipala and pedisulcus?