Grand Canyon Project - Day Eight

Grand Canyon Project:
Day Eight
Monday May 15, 2000


We've gone 2178 miles. We traveled a long way today, and as we did, signs warned us to watch for deer, elk, big horn sheep, cows, animals, and even pedestrians. That's a lot to watch out for when you're driving to the Grand Canyon!

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Classic Route 66 accomidations!

Despite arriving when the front desk was closed, WE SLEPT IN A WIGWAM! In the morning, we had a lengthy conversation with its generous part owner, John Lewis, who considered it his obligation to help travelers fulfill their youthful ambition to sleep in a teepee in Holbrook, Arizona.

Hope he doesn't step on her feet!

"You can dance; you can jive, having the time of your life. See that girl, watch that scene, dig it, the dancing queen!" The man mowing lawn next to this dinosaur said we were lucky that it didn't come to life, because it does sometimes. It breathes fire, too. That's why it's so hot in Arizona.

It was very hot as we left Holbrook, Arizona and drove across the flat, red desert. We saw tumbleweeds and understand now what makes them tumble-very high winds. The wind has been strong and constant since we left Missouri.

Pine trees near Flagstaff AZ

Near Flagstaff, AZ we came into the mountains and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. There were also pine trees everywhere. It was a surprise to see mountains and pine trees in Arizona when we were expecting only desert.

In Seligman, AZ, we visited the Snow Cap Drive-In. The experience went from real bathrooms disguised as outhouses to Jane getting squirted with mustard (it was yellow string in a mustard bottle). We laughed all the way through our lunch plus enjoyed the food as Joe, one of the second-generation owners, entertained us with panoche.

A funky art car
Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, AZ

Between Seligman and Kingman we got off I-40 and followed the path of Route 66. Somewhere along the way our odometer reached the 2000-mile mark.

Trainspotting in the desert

Amy has enjoyed watching many trains stretching across the desert. This one is descending into the Coconina National Park in Arizona.

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