Grand Canyon Project - Day Nine

Grand Canyon Project:
Day Nine
Tuesday May 16, 2000


Viva Las Vegas!

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"Do you want that extra cheesey?"

We picked up Jane's husband David at the Las Vegas airport at midnight. In the morning, Jane fixed us her special "coffee maker quesadillas". We had deluxe accommodations in our own little desert oasis, the Best Western Mardi Gras Inn.

Inspired by her quesadillas, we went in search of more and ended up at a Taco Mexico in a very interesting part of town. We were the only ones who didn't speak Spanish, but Jane acted as our interpreter and thinks she has restaurant ordering down to a science. The food was great, the music was loud, and we didn't understand much, but it is one of our favorite places in Vegas.

"So, what does this job pay?"
Amy always had a thing for hats

Powered by this lunch, we shopped where the showgirls shop-William's Costume Supply. There were so many glittery and glitzy things to choose from! We were so captivated that we blew several days' worth of our art budget. While we were talking, we learned that the woman in charge grew up in Boonville! It's amazing how many people from the Evansville area we've met during our travels.

Cycads & Palms

It was good to have David with us. Jane thought so, especially. Actually, he proved to be a valuable addition, but more about that later…

Amy hoped to see giant cactuses rising from the desert, but instead she found palm trees. She has always dreamed of seeing palm trees growing outdoors, but in Vegas it's a little artificial.

Dancing Fountain
On the Strip

What is it about Las Vegas? We spent the evening on the Strip and never quite found the fun. In fact, Jane almost died trying to walk from the wonderful, awe-inspiring water show to the much-acclaimed Treasure Island Pirate Show (which was canceled). Along the way, Amy and David stopped to pose with the rest of the tourists.

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