Grand Canyon Project:
Day Fourteen
Sunday May 21, 2000


Stranded in Las Vegas. 
Despite our car trouble, we'd traveled a total of 3091 miles by the end of the day.

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What do you do when you're trapped in Las Vegas? Sweat.

It was over 100 degrees again today. We attended the Calvary Chapel East in Las Vegas, ate lunch at Taco Mexico (our favorite Mexican fast food restaurant), shopped in a Mexican tienda, sweated some more, and tried out office chairs at Office Depot (in the air conditioning). Finally it was time to check into our favorite motel, the Best Western Mardi Gras Inn.

David managed to get his flight rescheduled with very little additional cost, and we were able to get our hotel room at a very reduced rate. However, our spirits had sunk very low, so we treated ourselves to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton.

Dave & Jane's new pals

We were all thoroughly entertained. Where else could you meet random aliens, suffer violent motion sickness, and get a quarter impressed with a Borg design? Jane was quite taken with a couple of Klingons. They liked us, too.

"If this chair gives me waffle thighs..."

Amy happily spent the day in her special chair in the back of the van (David took out all the seats before we left to make room for our art collections).

"Not much to see from back here!"
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