Grand Canyon Project:
Day Fifteen
Monday May 22, 2000


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This morning, David woke up early and finally caught a flight home. We are grateful to Mike, who picked him up in Louisville after waiting all weekend to find out when David would actually make it to the airport.

"1056 ceiling tiles... 1057 ceiling tiles..."

The first order of business for the morning was a trip to Purrfect Auto to have our van examined. We waited and waited, and finally Paul, the owner, personally gave us a ride back to our hotel.

"Look what I found a roadrunner pecking at on the side of the road!"
"Out Out Damn'd Spot"
The Haul

We used the afternoon to make art. Amy finished her dirt-dyed fabric and found a use for her coyote head while Jane organized her haul.

Paul from Purrfect Auto

By the evening, the van had a new radiator, thanks to Paul and Tony, the mechanic. After the shop closed for the evening, Tony came to our motel to take us back to the van. With service like this, we told them that we would recommend Purrfect Auto at 1770 Charleston to anyone with car trouble in Las Vegas.

4 blocks of TV

We followed Paulís recommendation and ate dinner at a local Indian restaurant before getting one last jolt of Vegas at the Freemont Street Experience, a four-block-long TV screen over the street.

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