Grand Canyon Project - Day Eighteen

Grand Canyon Project:
Day Eighteen
Thursday May 25, 2000


We went 3982 miles by the end of the day.

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Red Sandstone

Last night we drove forever and finally found a place to rest in Page, AZ. In the morning, we got to see the spectacular views that wed missed in the darkness.

Moencopi Day School Girls

We saw a lot of roadside stands where Native Americans were selling jewelry and other crafts. We stopped at one and talked to the women working there. They enjoyed the creativity of making and selling their jewelry. They also told us that some people were even able to send their children through college by selling jewelry at such stands. The women we spoke to were from Tuba City and they gave us directions to the Moencopi Day School there. This spring, the children at Patchwork sent updates about our garden to a sixth grade class at Moencopi.  Both programs have received the National Gardening Association Award.

We found the school and met the students. They showed us trees that they had planted as part of their garden program and told us about the plans they have for next years program. It was the second-to-last day of school, and they were in the middle of a party, eating snacks and watching Pokemon.

Moencopi Day School Boys

As we headed toward Flagstaff, AZ, we noticed a lot of haze in the air. Soon we realized that it was smoke. Part of the Coconino Forest that wed visited last week was on fire.

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