Grand Canyon Project:
Day Nineteen
Friday May 26, 2000


We traveled a total of 4519 miles by the end of the day.

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Travel Tip #1:  Do not take a hotel room next to a bunch of bikers if you want to sleep in.
We learned this in Gallup, New Mexico.

Working hard at the Uranium Cafe
Kicking back at the Uranium Cafe

Later, we found the Uranium Cafe in Grants, New Mexico. Jane found it comfortable and homey while Amy found it an appropriate place to work the latest travel updates on her computer. We met several nice people there, along with the owner, Johnie Calahan, who felt that running the cafe was a calling from God for his life.

Sky over New Mexico

We spent the day driving across New Mexico, stopping only at a religious artifact store in Albuquerque and Estella’s Cafe in Las Vegas, New Mexico. We couldn’t help but stop somewhere called Las Vegas, considering our past experiences. Estella’s has been in operation by the same family for 50 years, and our waiter was one of the third-generation owners. He sold Jane on the very “flavorable” homemade red sauce for her burrito. While she enjoyed her food, she followed her meal with a few Tums.

Then we headed for Kansas. It was a lot of driving. We watched as the land started to spread out.

Travel Tip #2: Watch your speed in Kansas towns. The police are. They are also rather sympathetic.

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