Grand Canyon Project - Day Twenty

Grand Canyon Project:
Day Twenty
Saturday May 27, 2000


By the end of the day we’d traveled 4728 miles.

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"I'm Singin' on the Train..."

We found a spacious room at the B & B motel in southwestern Kansas and made ourselves omelets with our last few eggs. After breakfast, we hit the road with one stop in Dodge City, Kansas. There, Amy had a harrowing ride on the stationary train at the Boot Hill Museum.

Amy & Kirsten hold up the banner

Finally, we arrived in Hutchinson, Kansas where Amy’s sister Kirsten lives. Kirsten works as a Mennonite Voluntary Service Worker in a local day care center. They posed with the mural, and we all admired the autographs that we’ve collected on it. There’s no place like home, even if it’s not our own. It was good to relax in a real living room again.

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