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Mental House Cleaning:

                                  What is Mental House Cleaning?

                                  Is Mental House Cleaning really necessary ?

                                  The Exercise.


What is Mental House Cleaning?                                          

    We were born with perfect emotionless minds. As the years pass, we tend to accumulate emotions in our mind, which leads to hatred, jealousy , anger, shock, resentment..etc. It is indeed a difficult task to rid oneself of all emotions, and thats not what we are going to do either.

        Emotions as such are not highly harmful. But these emotions are meant to dissolve over a period of Time. There may be incidents in our life, that affected us badly. The emotions created during these incidents may remain lost within the Million neurons of our brain. They prevent our brain from achieving its full potential, and during later stages of life, they may cause mental disorders, and stress.


Why mental house cleaning is necessary?                                            

 Many people are totally pessimistic, due to some incident of the past that affected them badly, like the death of a dear one, or a personal loss. Mr X was one such person. When I met him for the first time, he was complaining to me about his failures in life, about how he had been cheated in business, and how he had hit rock bottom. His wife had left him, and he was in shambles. He continued to explain his problems to me. He had counselling for two weeks, and felt confident after that. I happily sent him home. But within three days he returned. He told me that he was sacked from his office, because of his carelessness. I asked him to meet me the next day.

    The next day he arrived on time. I talked with him for three hours, and on close interaction found out that his parents had dies when he was nine. He was brought up by his Uncle, who never gave him the freedom to do anything. No matter how good he was, his uncle always criticized him, and scolded him...telling him constantly that he was a 'good for nothing brat'. This had taken deep roots within his brain, and he continued to believe that he really was a failure. This mental state made him meet with failures in life. I was astonished that there was so much about this person, that I didnt know earlier. All of a sudden I started to feel some concern for him. I asked him to meet me after two days, as I was a little busy then. When he came to me on the second day, I asked him to lie down, and close his eyes, and I took him to a relaxed mental state. Then I asked him to review each and every stage of his life in his mind. I asked him to visualise each stage of his growth mentally, and tell me what he sees. When he came to the time of his mother's death, he couldnt control himself, and started crying. Again when he was telling me about his Uncle, and the way he treated him, he got nervous and started crying to badly that I had to wake him up , out of hypnosis.I told him to meet me the next day.

    Now I had known the root of his problem, and I had to help him to correct it. I was a little busy the next day. I never charge for my counselling and treatment, because I do it only as social service. I am working with computers.

    When Mr.X came to me the day after that. I again guided him through the same procedure. He again cried, but not as badly as before. And he felt relieved after the session. The next day we repeated the preocedure again, and he was smiling throughout, telling me that it was so childish of his Uncle to treat him like that. Then I knew that he was cured. After that I sat with him and explained that the root of his failures was himself. I played him the audio casette in which I had recorded his first and second sittings with me, and clearly showed him his decreasing level of emotions. He was surprised and told me " Boy, I never knew I had that much of emotions piled up in me." I told him that these emotions were hidden up deep within him, and by letting them out, we had cured his problem. He was surprised, and admitted that he felt great. I asked him to come the next day for the final session. Within my heart I was sure that he didnt need one.

    He didnt come the next day, just as I had thought. The following day I got a call from him. He told me that he had met his boss in a restaurant, and talked with him. His boss remarked that he had never seen a happier and more enthusiastic person berfore, and called him back to the office, with a raise of course. His boss was highly impressed and so were his colleagues with the amount of transformation that had come to him. He told me " I never told them how I got transformed into the confident person I am now, and I am sure that will remain as our secret. You wont believe me, if I tell you that I will not need another session from you ever again".

As we see above, an early incident in the life of Mr X remained dormant within him, discouraging his mind, and making him a total failure. Once he realised that, and let out those emotions, he was able to return to his fully optimistic self.

We too have incidents in our life, which might have left dormant emotions. These emotions are in a way harmful to us. So , we should focus upon removing these emotions, or in otherwords letting them out. The exercise below will help you with that. Try to repeat this exercise atleast once a month.

The Exercise: First of all, wear loose clothing, or loosen your clothing. Then turn off any distractions in the surroundings. Have one or two glasses of water.Sit down, or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Exhale and inhale evenly and deeply, and count your breathing. Now pay attention on your legs, and relax them with each breath. After about five breaths, your legs will feel comfortable. Now move your focus to your stomach, and chest. Relax these areas individually. Then finally relax your hands and head. On each area, remain focussed for as long as you choose to.After you feel that your entire body is deeply relaxed, feel yourself getting heavier with each breath that you inhale.

Take a deep breath and mentally picturise the number 5. With the next breath picturise the number 4. Repeat this till you reach the number 1. Now you should be feeling highly relaxed, and your brain is now working at the alpha-level, or the sub-conscious level. This level, is a relaxed state of mind, where all your positive suggestions have direct access to your mind, and the role of logical thinking is eliminated.

Now think about your past, the day you were born. Its okay if you dont remember, it will just come to your mind. Pass through your life, as a child, a teenager and an adult. See all these in your mind, and pause for a few seconds at each stage to rethink whatever happened during those days. If you are able to remember atleast one incident, then consider yourself lucky, for the thread will continue. You need to exert no more force, other events of your life will slowly flow to your mind one by one. If at any point you feel like laughing, go ahead. If you feel like crying , dont hesistate.Let out all the emotions that come to you. Give them a way out.If something mkes you feel depressed, then cry, for that relieves you of your depression. After about half an hour, or when you feel, simply come out of your hypnotic level, by counting from 1 to 5.

As soon as you open your eyes after the count of 5, tell yourself firmly "The emotions I have gone through, have left my body. I have allowed them to escape, and thus relieved myself of deep rooted emotions"