HeNRy'S WeB pAGe

Welcome to my web page. It will be full of links of all the assignments I will be doing as well as some of my own work if I have time. I have already created 2 different web pages as the links for them will be put up shortly. My two web pages were up originally but now I can access the URL's from which my 2 web pages were at. To tell you a bit about myself, you know my name already. I am 19, and live in the wide country of Canada. I like to go on to the computer as well as play sports. That's all I can afford to say at this time, but please feel free to look around my site.

What I plan to do to this page

  1. hopefully put links to my other sites
  2. have a few pics up
  3. try to get a better background
  4. more links to other places

here is a link to a website that I have recently created. The MvC site is my first HTML site so there are still a few things to fix up and my RE3 site was done in a rush so not everything I wanted to put was in there. It will be updated later on.

RE3 site
Sorry but the links on this site dont work due to geocities coding problems that wont allow XML coding

MvC site ­ not included at this time as only 1 link allowed on this assignment

Class Assignments
Prime Minister
Shotokan Fighets (imagemap)