Business Consultation is the backbone of all the services.   A personal discussion of your financial statements or other business matters is available when you need it and  as close as your phone.

With the high cost of doing business today, small and medium-sized business owners are increasingly aware of  the benefits of timely financial information to their  operations and livelihoods. 

As specialists in small business, Grisby Services, Inc. provides these regular monthly services:



Grisby Services, Inc. handles all phases of accounting. We specially design our service to fit your needs. We do as much or as little as you need.


Federal, state and local taxes, covering sales tax and unemployment tax. Social security taxes, income taxes and franchise taxes too, if applicable-we prepare and maintain whatever is necessary to protect your interest, save you time and provide them to you for your review prior to filing date. We offer full service tax assistance, including rapid tax and electronic filing.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE--Grisby Services, Inc. will come to your office to write checks on a periodic basis to pay bills you design for payment. We will reconcile vendor statements to the invoices. A computerized print out of all checks written for the month can be furnished. If your company is on accrual accounting, you will receive an accounts payable aging at the end of the month and an open invoice report showing the unpaid invoices.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES--Grisby Services, Inc. will set up a database to invoice your customers (this data will be invaluable later on), print and mail invoices, and post payments to customer accounts. An accounts receivable report will be generated periodically. Past due notices can be mailed to accounts over 30 days (or the length of time you designate). Grisby Services, Inc. will create sales reports with vital information on the month's sales. The information on the report will depend on what you need to see each month.

BALANCE SHEET--available when needed. It summarizes your total business assets, liabilities and net worth at a given point in time so you can make decisions about capital expenditures, or how to improve profits.

BANK RECONCILIATION--proving out of the bank's figures with your checkbook balance each month to ensure you are working with the correct total.

CASH MANAGEMENT--Grisby Services, Inc. will verify all postings to your checkbook and maintain a running balance. We will reconcile monthly bank statements and deal with the bank on any returned deposits, issuing stop payment, etc.

DETAIL GENERAL LEDGER--a record of the dates, check numbers, payees and amounts of all expenses within each of your business accounts for the month and year to date.

MONTHLY OPERATING STATEMENTS--a monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales and expenses (profit and loss) for the previous month, and a total for all the months of the year to date. Percentages for both helps you compare performance to the year to date and spot problem areas so you can take immediate action.

PAYROLL--Grisby Services, Inc. will generate payroll checks, quarterly 941's and W-2's. We will notify you of tax deposit amounts and use dates. You will receive reports breaking down payroll taxes by department, if necessary.

PAYROLL REGISTER--payroll and tax information on every employee.

PAYROLL CHECK WRITING--fast, efficient and trouble-free, our payroll check writing service produces professional, computer- generated checks, plus provides a management analysis by pay period and year to date. With Grisby Services, Inc., payroll is no longer a tedious process but a smooth function of your business.

GENERAL LEDGER AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS--Information generated by the previously mentioned services and information furnished by you are complied into an easy to read monthly general ledger, balance sheet and income statement. These reports will let you see where you have been and help you plan where you are going. They are also reports that your banker or investor will want to see.

YEAR-END PACKAGE--At the end of the fiscal year, Grisby Services, Inc. will reconcile all balance sheet accounts. You will be given a package to take to your CPA to be used to file your taxes. We will also work closely with your CPA during the year to make sure you are receiving the best tax advantage. To make it convenient for you, we can electronically file your return directly from our home office.


Grisby Services, Inc. provides secretarial services for those clients who either don't have a secretary or have an overflow of work and need extra help. We will process anything from letters to manuscripts.

If you need regular secretarial services, the system can be set up so that most transactions can be handled via a fax machine. If you need odd jobs every now and then, we provide a pickup and delivery service.

This is a valuable service, especially for a non-secretarial office. Never again will you have to send out an unprofessional typed letter. Never again will you have to give potential clients a handwritten proposal. From this point on, everything that goes out with your signature will tell clients you mean business.


With any business, new or established, there should be an executive business plan. Grisby Services, Inc. will retrieve minimal information from you and will derive a complete and accurate business plan tailoring your business in a professional adequate ready for review by banks, consumers, and other financial agencies interested in a complete overview of your business. It's a great way to put forth a strong business image as you plan for your future financial needs.


Grisby Services, Inc. will come into your office and help you organize it to be most efficient. Don't try to work in disorganized surroundings again.

FILING SYSTEM--Grisby Services, Inc. will set up a filing system to help you find paperwork more quickly. We will type color-coded file labels for your folders. Tabs will be put on hanging files to categorize the files.                                               Web designed by  

When Grisby Services, Inc. leaves, your office will be set up to run efficiently; however, it will only stay that way if you continue with the system. We will suggest a small supply list needed to keep things straight.

FORM DESIGN AND PRINTING                                                                                     

Grisby Services, Inc. will help organize your data. When we have a workable form, we will print the forms for you.


Grisby Services, Inc. will set up and maintain a mailing database. The database could be complied from a list of your current clients or your potential clients. This list could be used for mailing promotions of any type. Or it could be used as a referral list for your salesmen in order to promote sales.

Grisby Services, Inc. can prepare your material for mailing and mail it so it will be cost efficient for you. Let Grisby Services and America's Tax Table get the max for you today. 

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