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Coven of the Unicorn's Realm

HandFasting Prayer

Written by John Stormes (Melchaoir)

Goddess of the Moon, gentle and kind

Bring these two together, body and mind.

God of the Hunt, noble and stern

Let the flames of passion within them burn.

That together they may travel life’s road

Caressed only with love’s load.

Without burden or strife

Blessed with a golden life.

We the Children

(by: Bronwyn Stormes )

We the children of the Goddess,

Speak of a nice place called Earth.

And we have a protecter called Diana.


(By: Lady Miranda 1994)

Dancing in the moonlight,

Dance around the fire.

Sing unto the Lady,

She’ll fill your hearts desire.

I am a Pagan!

(by: Dawn (Rebeca) Patterson)

I am a Pagan!

Dreamer of the deep mysteries.

Lover of the world and all beings.

Seeker of the spirit of souls.

Dancer of the Moon and Sun.

Believer of the Goddess

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I have chosen my path
The choices I made
They thrive as part of my soul
I can never change my roads
For I must make do with this string
The life I could have had
For better or worse
I know not the future
Nor the dimensions of time
I feel my parallel self
We are one in the same
Yet different in choice
We are both regretful
What may have happened
Though We are intertwined
Our roads can never cross
F.W. Vickers

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