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Coven of the Unicorn's Realm

Merry Meet from Grneyedlady, better known to my friends as Grneyes. My Crafte name is Lady Miranda and I am married, and a mother of four. I am currently in Ontario with my husband Tobias.
I have experiance in retail work but one of my interest is automotive and I have an Associates Degree in Automotive repair. Which comes in handy when my car breaks down. *grin* I also enjoy playing on my computer which by the way, is how I met my husband. And of course, there is also my interest in Witchcraft.

I began to seriously study Witchcraft when I was around 12 years old. I started out in the Frost tradition and self initiated myself at age 13. In my 20's I became involved in the Gardnerian tradition and rededicated myself at age 24. Since then I have been the High Priestess of 2 Eclectic Covens and of one Al-Gard coven. I am currently the HPS of Coven Of The Unicorn's Realm. Which is a small coven based in Ontario. I am also an Elder in The Living Tapestry Tradition based in the US.

Well, enough about me.....I hope you enjoy your visit and please sign the guestbook or I won't know you were here.

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I have chosen my path
The choices I made
They thrive as part of my soul
I can never change my roads
For I must make do with this string
The life I could have had
For better or worse
I know not the future
Nor the dimensions of time
I feel my parallel self
We are one in the same
Yet different in choice
We are both regretful
What may have happened
Though We are intertwined
Our roads can never cross
F.W. Vickers

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