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Canoe Trip FAQ's
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I see that the "Message Board" tab at the top of the menu bar doesn't really work. What is up with that?
Basically, your website developer(Gumby) sucks and is lazy. He, at this moment of typing this FAQ answer, could have better spent this time fixing that link but he is much to lazy to do that. So a simple fix to that broken link is just telling you JUST DON'T CLICK ON IT

I am a Canoe Trip Virgin. Will there be any kind of initiation?
It depends on who you talk to. The simple answer is yes. You will have to be broken in by a lovely non-offensive, non-degrading ritiual of some sort.

Will there be places to sit around the campfire like a chair or a bench or a picinic table?
If you want to sit around the campfire you will need to bring your own chair. There are picinic tables around but for the fire everyone likes to use their own chairs so make sure you bring your own so you don't accidentally steal anyone else's.

I like to sing...will I be able to sing at some point during this trip?
As a matter of fact...there will be two chances to sing. One chance will be Saturday night during Kareoke! That's right...KAREOKE up at the bar! (sounds like a new Tommy Award?). The other chance to sing will be with Tommy and his merry melody guitar playing. FUN FUN FUN! But those ARE THE ONLY TIMES YOU CAN SING!

Under the Profile Page...ther is a question asking for me to give an topic or an idea for Mark Metzel to write about? What is this all about?..and who is Mark Metzel?
Mark Metzel is an imaginitive hypocondriac. He likes to write stories about things that take place in his world. Some stories are true...some are fiction and some are just plain stupid. He ran out of ideas and now he needs your help. Please...for the love of GOD! help this poor child. When you help him, you help us all.

Why don't I see my name on the Attendees list page?
Because you have not "officially" said you are going. Please send an email to LJ Marak and Gumby. LJ needs a head count and Gumby can add you to the Web List.

Is LJ asexual?
Simply put, Yes.

Will Tommy be there this year?
Yes, Tommy("tom") and his guitar will be there this year.

Do I have to drink?
DUH! Everyone else will be doing it!

How much does it cost?
If you go for the regular Friday-Sunday the cost will be $25 per person.
The $25 includes the campsite and the canoe. If you plan on staying any
extra nights(i.e. thursday or sunday) then it should
cost about $3 each extra night. The $3 extra a night must be paid up at the Wolf River Campground.

Now that I know how much it costs, whom do I pay?
You need to pay Officer LJ Marak Now. Money is due June 1st.

What is the form of payment?
Cash! The WRCG has decided they don not want to deal with all of those checks this year so pay LJ in cash and hopefully he won't spend it on beer or any household items that he now has to start purchasing.

Will I need additionl money, or "rand" as you South Africans call it?
Yes. Tubing will cost a few bucks extra per person. Plus you might want
some money in case we go to the on site bar/restaurant or the restaurant near bye.

Will Mark "Hockey Extraordinaire" Metzelov be there?
If he wakes up at some point. Mark has a history of sleeping in and missing really important things.

Will there be entertainment there?
Yes there will be, take your pick...Tom "my Fantasy Baseball team sucks but is better than Gumby's!" Dunne,
Kimmie "flash'em" Grinnell, Jolan "watch out for tarp burn" Savjiano or Mark "I miss more hockey games than I play" Metzelov.

What will I need to bring in terms of food & drink?
It is suggested that you bring food to cook on one of the grills that will
be up there. You can also bring some snack food to munch on. It also is suggested that you try
to get into a food group (also known as the Christina Group)of some sort.
As for drink...bring your own liquor and bring plenty of it.

What if I like to do drugs? Can I bring some grass aka. weed aka. hash aka. mary jane?
The answer is no unless you would like one of Palatine's Finest to beat the crap out of you.

What is a "Dicky Dog"?
Ask Tommy.

Since it will take about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to travel to Wolf River Campground,
how do I keep my food and especially my beer cold in the cooler?
(Kathleen has a great idea for this)...Fill an emptied gallon milk bottle(plastic) with water and
freeze it. It will take longer to melt and will lessen the left over puddle of water at the bottom
that makes your food soggy.Also, when it eventually melts you will have some good clean drinking water.