Now here are all your other stars from the SQ Series.

See you on the crono stream, Time Jockey!
The Two Guys from Andromeda are the creators of Space Quest. In Space Quest III (3), the two guys sent out a secret message through the Astro Chicken video game that they were being held captive by their company, ScumSoft. It was up to Roger to fly in and save the two guys (not to mention the rest of the SQ series) out of the Jell-O mold they were being held in. As always, Roger lived up to his normal performance. Yeh.

This is Arnoid. He was sent after Roger in SQ3 to make Roger pay!!! No really. Roger needed to pay for that Labion Terror Beast Mating whistle that he had ordered in Space Quest II. But Roger, being the quick thinking, puzzle-solving, clever guy he is (yeah... right), set a trap for the droid that put Arnoid to his doom!

Hey! Aren't you...
It's the bartender! Our friendly bartender can be found in not only Space Quest 1 but SQ4 as well. Yep, that's right. When Roger went back in time to SQ1, he visited a trip down memory lane.
"Hey aren't you the guy who broke my machine? You own me some buckazoids!"
"Uh... I gotta go."

Mr. Wilco, please come with me.
Hey! Lookie here. It's our old buddy, Mr. Sequel Policeman!
The Sequel Police, who appear in SQ IV, are on a mission. To make Wilco PAY! Unfortunately, Roger cares for this existance we call life, which makes it a lot harder to kill him.
These guys are basically hired assassins, which bringsup the question... Who would want to kill so a great guy like Roger Wilco? Maybe it's...

Is that all you can muster, Broom Jockey?
SLUDGE VOHAUL!!! Yes that's right. It was Sludge behind the incorporation of the Sequel Police. Still being mad about the Star Generator and that incident back in Space Quest II, Sludge Vohaul is out to get Roger Wilco once again. Vohaul will stop at no lengths to Roger. Why, he's already had hoses and IV's stuck in him, been put on a holodisk, taken Roger Jr.'s body, and then store on another disk. Geez! How many times can he keep making comebacks???

Roger Jr. is a fighter! He came back to save Roger out of SQ4 and fling him into SQ12. How thoughtful! But soon after Rog Jr. saved Rog Sr., he was captured by the Sequel Police and brought before Sludge. I wonder how it feels to have the main villian of the game being put into your body? Eww! It was all Roger could do not to save his son (of corse he didn't know it, but what the hey)and free him of the dreaded Sludge.
Soon after the two had a heart to heart... eh, kinda. At least Roger Sr. got to see his new soon to be bride, we hope.

This is Beatrice Wankmeister. She is the future wife of (believe it or not) Roger Wilco. She was first seen in Space Quest IV (4) at the end of the game when Roger Jr. show Roger Sr. a holadisk of the beautiful (and barbaric) Bea. The next time we she her is in SQ5 when Roger so gracefully finishes waxing the floor with the Scrub-O-Matic 5000 (acually I don't think that the real name of the scrubber but it sounded good). She's a lovely thing, a bit fierce at times but that's alright.

Yes, once again the Gippizoid Novelty Company is after Roger again. AND IT'S FOR THE SAME THING!!!
This time they bring in WD-40 (great name) to do the dirty deed. With her sweet cloaking device, jet perpulsion system, and cool crome look, she's ready to kick some serious Wilco butt. But I guess Roger just boulder over! Hahahahahaha, oh that was lame.

See "The Many Faces..."
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