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SQ Easter Egg Page

Okay, at the time, I only have one easter egg that no one else has seen (or at least, no one else has posted, that I've seen).

You see it's puzzled me that no one has seen this and said anything about it. But anyway, here comes my contribution to the massive Space Quest Easter Egg gallery.

So, without further ado, I give you the one that no one has seen.

It's Leisure Suit Larry's head!
This is from SQ IV. When the SP came in their spiffy space ship (I don't know the name, but if someone would like to help, e-mail me), they passed by a field where there was mainly junk and garbage piled up. In the background, you can see the Super Computer Comples mound. Anyway, that what I see.
I figure, after the opening of the LSL4 box, and the Vohaul virus spread, someone who had been corrupted with evil and greed actually like LSL. For his honor, he constructed a monument of junk. How nice!

Okay! Okay, maybe not but I have Fan Fiction dreams as well! ;)

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