Space Quest Ships

These are ships from the many different Space Quests (yeah, all 6 of them). Enjoy!

This was Roger's escape pod in Space Quest 1

The final dual in SQ3 was between the mallard and these babies. The Skull Fighters!!! These things can pack quite a punch (especially if you have your shields in the back when they shoot in the front, now that sucks!).
The trusty Aluminum Mallard which appears not just in one episode... but TWO! SQ3 and 4!!!

This craft was used by the Sequel Policemen. As it landed about 4 SP jumped out in pursuit of the elusive Roger Wilco. Unfortunately, the pilot didn't get out unknown to Roger.

It's a GARBAGE SCOW!  Figures.
As Roger (who just got his captain rank) flew a small docking bay shuttle out to his newly assigned ship, he thinks, "If I didn't know any better, this looks like a garbage scow," when he came to the saddening realization, "Hey, this IS a garbage scow!"

This ship came prepared! With it's EVA suit, jumper cables, and "HELP!" sign, it's the ideal ship for being stranded in space. Hey, they even threw in some duct tape and a pair of pliers!!!

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