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On-line Radio (Media Player) -  BBC World Service

On-line Chinese-English Dictionary

Web-based ICQ


Chinese Books Cyberstore - Hong Kong,    Tai Wan ,    Dragon Source Book Store,    Man Li Book Company

Cartoons and Comics

Comic City,     Dragon Ball GT,      Garfield,     Sailor Moon,    Snoopy,    Tweety


Casio,    Epson,     Hayes,    IBM,     .Sony      

Downlaod Sites

Acrobat Reader,      Frontpage,     I Seek You,     Internet Explorer,     MIDI Plug In,    Midisoft,        NJ Star,    Netscape,     Sofwares & Games,    Shock Wave                 

Education Links

Hong Kong Overseas Studies Centre,     Study Overseas,     UCAS

Universities - Hong Kong- HK School Net,    Institute of Education,     HKU,    Lingnan,    POLY U,    UST     Canada- York University,    University of  Toronto

United Kingdom- University of Cambridge,     University of East London,     University of Hertfordshire,     University of Liverpool,     University of Leeds,     University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology,    University of Salford,    University of Warwick


Cinemas in HK,    Titanic,    The Ring-Spiral,,


Electronic Arts,    Fifa Games

Free E-cards

123 Greeting Cards,     Blue Mountain

Free E-mail Adress and Homepages

Angelfire,,   Gigi Leung,,   Hotmail,   .iName,    My Own emai,   Yahoo,   Yahoo! GeoCities

Handset Info

Nokia,   Ericsson,   T Net  

NSP of Hong Kong-     Extra,   Hutchnet,   HK Telecom,    HK Telcom 1+1,   New World Phone,   One 2 Free,   Peoples,   Smartone,   Sunday

NSP of UK-    Vodafone

Hong Kong's   

The SAR Government,     Urban Council Public Library,    Hong Kong Bookmarks ,    Find food easy

Mass Media-    ATV,    PC Handbook,    RTHK,     TVB

Residential Properties- Midland,     East Point City, Maritime Bay

Traffic - MTR,     KCRC,    Traffic and life in Hang Hau

Internet Service Providers

Hong Kong-    Netvigator,     HKABC,    Chevalier

Learning Language On-line   

Language Education System for Speech on an On-demand Network 

Cantonese- Cuhk    English- Virtual Language Centre 

Japanese (*- with audio files)-*,    Beginner  Schedule*,    On-demand Network*,     Mr. Kanji Haitani


Hong Kong- Beyond  (Official),    Gigi Leung,     Jacky Cheung,     Kelly Chan,     Other Pop Singers,    Pop Station

Japan- Jpop Max,      Romanized J-Pop lyrics    

Speed - OfficialSong search engine,,,,

MIDI-    My Little MIDI Library,    Dark Cat,      Ericeric,     Japanese MIDI,       Jmidi,,    Midi Heaven,    Midisoft,     Purple Sampan

MP3 - Eling's music site  ( ,      Coolman,   

Real - Music Site,    Gigi Zone,    HKZINE,    Pop Station

My friends' homepage

Edward,      Omid

News papers and Magazines

Chinese Press- Hong Kong - Apple Daily,      Hong Kong Commerical Daily,     Ming Pao,      Sing Tao Daily,      Ta Kung Pao,     The Sun,    Wen Wei Po,      Personal News Stand

English Press- Hong Kong - Hong Kong Standard,    South China Morning Post,    United Kingdom- The Sun   

Magazine - Easy Finder,    Next Magazine,    Time Magazine

News Groups

Computer- Computer,    Homepage

Entertainment- Movie,    Music,     Sports,    Soccer,     TV

Language- Chinese,    English,    Japanese   

Study -  Jupas,    Netvigator,    Overseas,,   

Download (Real Player) - RTHK - News Bulletin, Hourly News Summary

Searcher Engine

Altavista,    Netscape,    Personal News Stand,     Hong Kong Search Engine,     Yahoo  - Chinese,    Hong Kong,     Japan


Atheltics,     ESPN Sports Zone,     N B A,    Soccer Links,    South China,    Tae Kwon Do - HKUST,     Volley Ball -  Chinese Woman International,     Equipments - Adidas,      Nike,    Puma


Hong Kong Sincerity Travel,    Travel Europe by trains,,     Hong Thai


United Kingdom's

BBC Online - Weather Centre,    Tesco,     The Sun


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