Progressive Vest Hightlights

Here are more hightlights of my progressive vest, thanks to Jan and her scanner:

This little fan is from Jan Thompson.

Joyce Bruce did this Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

The heart is outlined by Joyce, and she also added some of the trim. Miriam Landers did the beaded cross stitching. Andrea Avery added the vegetable ivory cat and some of the trim. The lace motif below the heart is from Miriam.

This shows work by all the women. The large beads on the fan are from Jan. Andrea did the machine hearts design. You can also see other work by all the women.

Miriam did this silk ribbon embroidery.

And Miriam also did this SRE.

Miriam did the SRE and Jan added the delightful moveable cat charm.

And Miriam outlined this print with buttonhole stitching.

Didn't everyone do Fantastic work???

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