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A Crazy Quilt beginning lessons page. Includes links to helpful places, as well as some instructions.

Some pictures of members of our Crazy Quilt List. Want to see? members

Crazy Quilt Vest Progressive, highlights from mine, which is PURPLE and wonderful! Everyone did such fantastic work on it!

My brother and sister-in-law have a beautiful web site, showing their porcelain studio. They have some wonderful pieces on display and give classes, also.

You can find one of my quilt blocks on the wonderful Boomerang Quilt, Tales of the Boomerang Gang!! I am so proud to have been a part of it. And the quilt went to Houston!!!!!!!!

I was also a part of the QuiltArt Self Portrait Challenge, Finding Ourselves and you can see my self portrait there.

Northwest Quilters, my quilt guild, has a web page, with tons and tons of links to quilting sites on the web.

I have one of my poems about spring at the Love Poetry Magazine.

Check out some of my prize winning recipes for Oregon Honey Beer Special Beans, Hazelnut Honey Bread and Black Walnut Fruit Bread!!! Check out my Winning Recipes

Want to know all about Crazy Quilting???

Check out Crazy Quilt Central!!

Our Crazy Quilt list has been trading 6" crazy quilt blocks.

And now you can see one of my ocean 6 inch blocks.

And check out some of my stitching at Vintage Vogue. Look under the Crazy Quilt Stitches.

Want to see some of my Crazy Quilting?

And want to see the outfit I made???

I have been helping my favorite medical office with their net page.

See it at Northwest Center for Environmental Medicine

Some of My Favorite Places to Go:

World Wide Quilting Page The Ultimate quilting resource on the Web

Northwest Quilters This is my home quilting Guild, lots of links.

Beautiful needlework and cross stitch patterns available.

The Tangled Threads Home Page

Piecemakers Home Page

The Needlecrafter's Computer Companion

David Walker's Home Page

QuiltArt Home Page and quilt gallery, a mail list for quilt artists

And for a list of over 430 quilt sites, check out the Q List.

Lots more quilting links at Kaye Woods site.


Here is my friend Cindy's newest quilt, in honor of her daughter, Ashley:

Have you seen her other quilt?

Some of my other favorite places to play on the WEB:

Serenity Home Page A WONDERFUL place to go for renewing the spirit.

A source for vegetarian recipes and other stuff Being Green

Want some help in building your own web page?

Check out what my class at Virtual University did

Sweepstakes Online

The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Freedom of Speech on the Net

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