Gross-Steinberg Family Tree

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Gross-Steinberg Family Tree

This Jewish genealogy web page is courtesy of James H. Gross
(updated 3/2009)

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This web page is dedicated in loving memory to:

the late Dr. Nathan Gross, "Bubbi" Mrs. Anna Gross,
"Grandpop" Dr. Nathan Steinberg, and "Grandmom" Mrs. Reba Steinberg,

to those relatives who never made it to America,
and to those who are in our hearts

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If you get geocities pop-ups. Just click "close".
Glad to see you have found my family tree webpage.
You will notice that this website is free of annoying graphics
and colors. You are here for genealogy, not a light show.

My surname list has been updated via a nifty site called "tribal pages".
How I put my tree online.

I want to encourage everyone to be NICE and share data. Whether via Jewishgen, your local genealogy society, or private e-mail, the point is that everyone benefits. We have all heard the biblical expression "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". Well, it could benefit us all to practice some kindness & help each other. Lastly, for those of you who are making or already have a webpage, adding lots of graphics doesn't alway make for a better webpage. Let me know of any bad links too...

New to Genealogy Research?

If you are new to genealogy research, I encourage you to read my
"Happy file"

If you are an "experienced" researcher, put on your hard hat and read "helper file"


My benevolent and unselfish desire to try and share genealogy info to help
other genealogists has resulted in my website receiving some awards:

Jewish Genealogy "Key Resource" by Links2Go,
"Featured Heartland Neighborhood Webpage" by Geocities,
"Featured Webpage" by Family Genealogy, A Passage in Time,
"Family Tree Commendation" by Who's Who Online,
"Award of Excellence in 1997" by NetAwards,
and "New Sites" by Starting Point.

Webpage Content:

This webpage is oriented towards Jewish genealogy research info for
Phila, NYC, and the LDS. I have observed that most of this US material
is generic regardless of ones ethnic backround.
I also have some National Archives and South Africa info as well.

So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be launched into an information journey.
As I mentioned above, if you are new to internet genealogy,
I encourage you to read my "Happy file".

And, if you are new to the web and need some help (or a LOT of help)
figuring out how to download webpages, read my "save file".

My "links page" has a ton of good links.
Already found "everything" on that special relative?

Check out my "list page" for a killer list of genealogy records to find.

For those of you who are seriously looking for that deceased relative,
skim thru my "Skiptracing dead relatives"page.

And, as always, please send me an e-mail if you see anything of interest.
I hope SOME of you are doing archive research besides web surfing...
Shalom and G-d bless!

Read my happy file......Need help downloading?

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My Surnames

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Older & Non-Updated Family Write-ups

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Genealogy Tips by James Gross:

Phila and NYC Research Charts:

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Jewish Organization Research

SHTETL Research: A Good Overseas Researcher

SHTETL Research: Zaleszczyki, Ukraine

SHTETL Research: Lithuania

SHTETL Research: Poland

SHTETL Research: Maps and Aerial Photos

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