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San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) is in the enviable position of breaking new ground.
Many districts across the country are converting to all contract carrier service (a private company like Laidlaw, Mark IV, Ryder or Goodall's for example). These companies provide
all the school buses and drivers. These carriers typically offer attractive bids to districts that don't want to have to pay for drivers, staff or to maintain buses. Sounds good right and at first it is cheaper. The bid by the carrier is pretty well irresistible with nice shiny new buses and everything. The contract is signed, district drivers and staff are laid off or (perhaps) reassigned. The district buses sold and the infrastructure is shut down. Then, when the contract comes up for renewal, WHAM. A higher bid. Many times older buses are brought in. And what can the district do? Nothing! It is now cost prohibitive for the district to buy new buses, hire drivers and setup an entire transportation department. The district thought it would save money and at first it did. Now its transportation costs are equal to, if not higher than they were before.
Well, what else can be expected from these carrier companies (companies is the operative word here)? One word covers it and this is something a Ferengi would understand..


Is any school district out to make money (i.e. profit)?


SDUSD Transportation told our School Board in 1992 that we could do it for

(9/12/98) Well, there are still about 60 Ryder buses and about 10 Goodalls buses at the start of this school year. This is much better than in the early 90's when the proportions were 60% carrier and 40% District buses.

This "insourcing" is of great interest to Districts across the country. Contract carriers are
definitely interested (or is it concerned) too.
SDUSD is the seventh largest district in the country. There are over 160 schools. Right now Transportation has over
five hundred buses and drivers on one site. That is a lot of buses.
And where do you park all these buses? Way back when, Transportation tried something that San Diego Transit was using. Stack Parking. You fill in a whole row of buses of the same kind, assign the first driver who needs that kind of bus the first one and right on down the line. Different bus every day. Yuck.
Now if the District had its way, you would see this kind of a
Stack (12/17/97).

Crowns (6/28/98) go Bye Bye!

(3/30/99) Transportation has told the School Board that if the bell times (the times that schools start and finish) could be adjusted, the District could save
Thirteen Million Dollars! a year. We shall see ...
more coming soon
End of year party(6/14/02)
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