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Norn and Grendel Paradise


Tortured Norns

Updated September 13, 1998

Due to AntiNorn's objections, these Norns are no longer available from our site. If you want to rehabilitate some Tortured Norns on your own, you have to get them yourself from his site. They will need LOTS of care and attention to be nursed back to health.

These Norns were rescued from the Tortured Norns site and nursed back to health. Many of them were infected with viruses, poisoned with glycotoxin, and had low life forces. Now they are in good health, but they need your love, care, and attention. Be kind to them so that they will once again enjoy being tickled by the Hand instead of running away in fear.

These Norns still have their original names so that you can tell who they were, but we suggest you rename them as soon as you import them into your Albia so that they can begin their new lives.

Do-sa Dagvna Kiyuga Kogai
Woya Toniqua Waga Slave

We weren't sure whether or not we should provide a link to the Tortured Norns site. We don't want to encourage AntiNorn by sending him more visitors, and we don't want any sensitive viewers to get offended, disgusted, and horrified by what he has on his site. But after much thought and deliberation, we decided to put a link way down here, so if you feel strong enough to tolerate the sights of cruelty, you may go and save a few more poor little Norns from harm.

Click at Your Own Risk!
Tortured Norns
Not for Young or Sensitive Viewers


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