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Welcome to the New Baltimore Hankinson Genealogy page, where we can hopefully bring together the many decendants of Gregory Hankinson, and perhaps learn more of our common ancestry.

This page is intended to list some facts relating to my Hankinson ancestors who migrated from England and eventually settled in New Baltimore, Pennsylvania. I'm doing this in the hope of finding others in the US and England who share common ancestors.

If any of what follows sounds familiar to you, or if you think there might be a possible link between our families, please drop me a note; I'd very much enjoy hearing from you!

Sometime between the years 1791 and 1795, my great-great-great-grandfather, Gregory F. Hankinson, was born in Warrington, England. We have some evidence that his birthdate may have been August 21, 1791, although some census records seem to indicate a later date. We know nothing about his father, although is mother's name was Rachel (or Rachael). Rachel Hankinson was born about 1772. We also don't know whether or not Gregory had any siblings.

Gregory was from a strong Roman Catholic background. This is an interesting fact, as most Hankinsons who originated from England seem to be of a traditional Church of England background. On the 29th of May, 1796, he was baptized at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in the Woolston area of Warrington. Gregory's Godparents were Jonathan Hankinson and Mary Rowles. We know nothing about Jonathan, although logic would dictate that he was most probably a relative.

On the 29th of June, 1820, Gregory married Elizabeth Matson in Manchester. He listed his home as Manchester, so we might conclude that the family may have been from Warrington, moving later to Manchester.

On October 19, 1824, Elizabeth gave birth to their oldest son, James F. Hankinson. James was the only child of Gregory and Elizabeth that was born in England.

For reasons lost to our family, Gregory and Elizabeth, along with their son James and Gregory's mother Rachel, sailed from England to Baltimore, Maryland, sometime between the years 1824 and 1827.

After living in Maryland for a few years, Gregory and his family eventually settled in a small town in western Pennsylvania known today as New Baltimore. To this day, New Baltimore and surrounding areas of Somerset County are home to many of Gregory and Elizabeth's decendants.

Gregory and Elizabeth had three children that grew to adulthood and produced offspring.

Some of the early surnames that are allied with Gregory and Elizabeth's decendants in Pennsylvania are Lucken (or Lukan, and sometimes Lukans), Black, Riddlemoser, Wolfhope (or Wolfhop), Carbaugh, Schumaker (or Shoemaker), Eckenrode (or Eckenrod), Engbert, Hershberger, Topper, Dull, Gillespie, Weber, Garlinger, Kegg, Wolf, Goldner, Fritz, Engbert, Suttmiller and Lahsen.

Virtually all of the research into the "New Baltimore Hankinsons" has been conducted by two cousins of mine, the Very Reverend Canon Aloysius Hankinson, and Ms. Debra Gardill. They've done a tremendous job of fitting together all of the pieces once Gregory and Elizabeth moved to the states. I'd like to expand on their work by trying to find more branches of the tree belonging to those relatives that Gregory and his family left back in England.

I've included a list of surnames, as well as an index of persons in the New Baltimore Hankinson family tree. This is only a partial tree, including only the direct decendants of Gregory and Elizabeth, both of their parents and their spouse. To protect the privacy of living indivuals, some personal information has been removed from this tree. Click on one of the two buttons below to access the surnames or persons lists.

If you're a decendant of Gregory and Elizabeth, drop me a note as I'd enjoy hearing from you. If you're from the U.K. and think you and Gregory or Elizabeth might share a common ancestor, I'd very much enjoy hearing from you!

Drop a note to Bob Hankinson at

The following are some links to other Web pages that are either Hankinson hosted or Hankinsons related. With the exception of my wife, none of these folks seems to be related to the New Baltimore Hankinsons. If you're aware of any more, please let me know!

Thinking of taking your next vacation in New Baltimore? Unfortunately, there are no hotels there.

Come to think of it, there aren't any restuarants, movie theatres, skating rinks, fast food places, Off-Broadway productions, museums, Shuttle launch facilities, water parks, castles, gas stations, theme parks, or tourist attractions of any kind.

There was a very quaint antique covered bridge there, but some really high water managed to wash it all away a couple of years ago.

Still, it's a nice place to visit, especially when they put on their big 4th of July Picnic.

That means that before planning your next vacation there, you might want to check out the following:

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