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Welcome to My Bear Den The Mitchell Families Home Page!

The midi you are listening to is ~~ My Teddy Bear~~ from the 50's collection at LAURA'S MIDI HEAVEN

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Hi! I'm JewelsHi! I'm Sassy

Me(Wendy)& my husband Deray

Hi!! I'm Wendy, welcome to my home page. You already met my two new BEARS, I adopted them on January 16th,1999 from GG & JEANNES ADOPTION CENTER.I would like you to meet my family, my husband Deray, all our kids~~~Rocky, Rebecca, Russell, Ronald, and Desaray, and our GRANDKIDS! We live in Bakersfield, Ca. it is a pretty nice place. My daughters, and I make porcelain dolls, it is alot of fun. I had to make some BEARS though! I just couldn't help it! My mom use to make dolls too! by entering here you can see some of them. MY DOLL HOUSE. But don't forget to come back here and see me!, just look for the BEARS while you are in MY DOLL HOUSE!!

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My husband Deray drives a truck. He likes his job alot. The company he works for takes good care of their employees. He does like driving a truck. He says when the kids are all grown, he wants me to get my truck driving license!! I don't know!! It could be pretty cool!! You can go through the FRONT DOOR in MY BEAR DEN at the bottom of this page, and visit my husbands page DERAYS PLACE!! You will meet Deray and our boys, Rocky, Russell, and Ronnie.

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Hi! I'm ZepHi! I'm Honey Bear
I love BEARS!! You will see lots of bears on my page. I adopt them and give them a home here. Meet ZEP he was adopted on Jan.18th,1999.I think he will be happy here. He was adopted from, IT'S a BEAR'S WORLD. You can adopt one too!!, and meet HONEY BEAR, she was adopted on February 12th,1999 she wanted to share her honey with ZEP!!

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I hope you enjoy your visit here.

I love to TUMBLE, don't you!
Our daughter DESARAY she is 14. She collects tigers. She also makes dolls with me! you can meet DESARAY, and see some of her TIGERS, and some of the DOLLS she has made by entering the TOWER WINDOW in MY BEAR DEN at the bottom of this page! please sign her guestbook while you are there, and she can do the same for you! I also want you to meet our oldest daughter REBECCA and her husband RICHARD, and thier family! , you can meet them by going to the BOTTOM RIGHT WINDOW in MY BEAR DEN at the bottom of this page!

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Our son RUSSELL wanted a page of his own for him and his wife KANDAS, and their FAMILY! You can meet them by going through the ATTIC WINDOW in MY BEAR DEN ,I have got a few AWARDS for my work here, I would love for you to see them. I also have joined some webrings, The BOTTOM LEFT WINDOW in MY BEAR DEN at the bottom of this page will take you there! don't forget to come back and sign my guestbook!

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There are so many BEARS I want to adopt them all!! I got her from GG & JEANNES ADOPTION CENTER too!! on January 17th,1999

email me,I'll be waiting!Hi! I'm Betsy


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My Bear Den Guestbook

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These are just a few of my favorite places for graphics. I wanted to share them with you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! and thank you to all the great graphic creators, I couldn't have made this Home Page without your great work!

I got my moving curser here!!!Viki MouseGrandma Georges bear tush

The Original and
BEST Teddy bear site.

Wendys Backgrounds & more

Bear World clip art

Graphic Gardens

Grandma Georges

PopPop & Nanas Home Page

I am a Member of
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BIGGEST Teddy Bear Directory

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Amandas Castle

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We have a Christmas Page called BEARY BEARY CHRISTMAS! Just click on me, and I will take you there! I was just updated on November 23th, 2000

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[1]DERAY'S PLACE(front door)-[2]DESARAY'S DEN(tower window)-[3]REBECCA'S REALM(bottom right window)-[4]RUSSELL & KANDAS' PLACE(attic window)-[5]MY AWARDS & WEBRINGS(bottom left window)

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