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Welcome to "A Home Away From Home!" My name is Bobbi Florence. I run a licensed family child care home in southern Wisconsin and I am also a part-time Early Childhood instructor for Blackhawk Technical College. I strive to give children the "best of both worlds" -- preschool and home -- by providing a variety of learning activities, fun themes, and field trips while maintaining a family atmosphere.

My purpose in putting up this site is to share information with other child care providers, to "brag" on my program and my day care children, to share child care and family pictures with far-away relatives and friends, to learn HTML (the language of web pages), and to have fun! I am going to be trying to update this site in the near future (summer 2002), so please stop by again to view some of the changes/updates!

If you have a chance, please visit my other site -- an online "home" for the Coventry (Akron, Ohio) Class of 1978!

The children and I invite you to tour our online "home." As you walk through our site you will find these areas:

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