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A Home Away From Home participates in the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program, which means that I am reimbursed a certain rate for each meal or snack offered to a child, in return for serving wholesome foods that follow a set nutrition guideline and receiving at least 2 hours of nutrition training per calendar year. I may not charge parents for these meals/snacks, so the cost of child care is held down for the parents. A Home Away From Home participates in this program through 4-C (Community Coordinated Child Care, Inc.) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Meal Pattern Requirements (amounts vary according to age)


Each week I prepare a menu to pass out to the parents and to post at the center. This helps me when grocery shopping, and helps the parents know what meals were served as well (nothing is more frustrating than being excited about fixing pizza for supper only to find out your child had it for lunch!!!) Check out this week's menu and get an idea of the type of meals and snacks I serve.

If you are interested in some recipes to use with your daycare children, or your family, check out my Recipe Book. There are ideas for kid-pleasing entrees and snacks.

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