Me with two girls from my school
This is me with two of my best friends!!

I was born and raised in a small town,
Clarkston, Washington.
I attended Parkway Elementary School,
Lincoln Middle School, and graduated in
1980 from Charles Frances Adams...
(Clarkston High School). I still feel
the effects of growing up in a small,
loving, community, and miss it very much.
Salem has been welcoming....but.......
"There's No Place Like Home!"
There were a few Teachers who really
touched my life in a positive way. Mrs.
grade)...Mrs.Marshall....(3rd grade)......
and then there was a few EXCEPTIONAL
educators who I feel actually molded my
love of children, and fostered the desire
to teach them. Mr. Carson, my 7th grade
Science teacher....and Mr. Dole...high school Band.
I think I have the most grattitude towards
Mr. Dole for instilling in me the drive
and desire to accomplish what I want,
and to have fun doing it or it isn't worth doing....
to all of these folks, I say a great big
Thank you!!........

I plan on sharing my ideas on parenting,
and things that I have learned as a
Teacher. Things I know work..and even things
I have learned that don't.
I have included ways to be creative with
items you can find around the house, and things
to do that are inexpensive and fun for your child.

Thanks for visiting me today, and
PLEASE sign my GUESTBOOK.It is near
the bottom of this page.
I would also like to ask you to read
the song lyrics and my dedication to my parents
at the very end of this page. This song by
Jimmy Buffett has words that really express my
feelings about parenting.
Also, a quick Thank you to Bev Boss, for
showing me the light! If you don't know about
Bev Bos or her philosophy on teaching children,
please e-mail me for information.

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My web page is dedicated to all parents everywhere who give of themwelves on a daily basis to make life on their "boat" good for their kids!! Thanks, Mom and Dad!! I love you More than words can say.

Please do not copy any information from my websight without my written permission. Thanks and Peace to you..... "There's a Little Bit of Fruitcake Left in Everyone of US... -Jimmy Buffett

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