KINNEY, and Variations, NJ Will Extracts

The following KINNEY will information was gleaned from the NJ Archives Will Extracts starting with the volumes for 1630 and continuing through 1800. I've included all KINNEY variations such as KINNE, KEENE, KEENEY, KENNY, etc. I've also included other surnames which might be mistaken for KINNEY or possibly evolve into Kinney such as KEEN, KINNAMAN, KINNAN but these are not fully extracted. Please check your local library for the NJ Archives Will Extracts series or write to the Archives in Trenton for more information.
Some abbreviations used:
Inv. = inventory,
Int. = died intestate (without a will),
FBM = fellowbondman,
Adm. = Administrator,
Prvd. = proved.
Wit. = witness
Ex. = Executor
I have no further information on these except as written. Happy Hunting!

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Genealogical Information Gleaned from NJ Archives Will Extracts (commencing with 1630 through 1800 editions) 1709 May 14. Kinnan, Patrick of Freehold, yeoman, children: John, Joseph, William - all under age. Anna & Margaret also mentioned. Legacy granted to Thomas Kinnan. Will proved 31 Mar 1709 - Monmouth County wills. 1727 Nov 7. Keigne, Keine, Richard - wife Mary, Children: Walter, Richard, Sarah, Hannah & Bridget. Prvd 7 Dec 1727. 1732 Jun 20, Keney, Thomas of Elizabeth Town (Whipenny), Essex Co., blacksmith, Intestate, Bond of John Keney of Hanover, Hunterdon Co, cordswainer as admin. Inv. 11 Oct 1732. 1733 Jun 22. Kenney, Samuel of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co. Intestate. Admin. Pheby Kenney, the widow. Lib B p422. 1736 Aug 28. Kinne, Peter of Reading Twsp, Hunterdon, yeoman. Wife Ida. Eldest son William, David. Eldest daughter Willeminsa Devore and her eldest child. Youngest dau. Elenor Biggs. Grandson Peter Kinne, surviving son of testator's son Adrian. prvd. 6 Aug 1745 Lib 5. p162. 1744 Sep 14. Kenny, Timothy of Woodbury, Gloucester Co., schoolmaster. Brother to Richard Kenny in Philadelphia to be inquired for at Samuel Richshy's upon Society Hill. Wife Ruth and her dau. 1 shilling each. Books to John Wilkin's two sons; to his daus' Rachel & Ruth Snowden a whole piece of chins. Knee buckles to Sarah Wilkins, gold- headed cane to Sarah Snowden. Executors John Wilkins and John Snowden who split residue. Wit. Thomas Kinsey, Jr. Affirmed 22 Oct 1744. 1748 Aug 22. Kenny, David of Reading Town, Hunterson Co., yoeman, Wife Jean. Children: Peter, Adrian, and Ida. Ex. brother William, friend George Biggs. Prvd 1 Nov 1748. Inv. 19 Oct 1748, Inv. #377.14.8 1/2 Lib. 5 p.542. 1749 Dec 21 - Kenney, Adrian of Amwell Twsp, Hunterdon CO, yeoman, Wife Charity, children: Simon, Kathrine, Elizabeth, Agnes Debow, Williampe Quick, Charity Hull. Brother John as executor. Prvd 28 Oct 1755 Lib 8 p 269. 1750 Apr 30. Keen,, Erick of Twsp of Maurice River, Cumberland Co.. Widow Catherain. Lib. 7 p.45 1750 Sep 11. Keen, Jones of Salem. Intestate. lists debtors. Salem Wills, 1011 Q. 1756 Jun 24 - Keney, John Jr. of Morris Co., Int. Wife Sarah Lib. F p. 362 Inv. incl. #36.12.4 cash, 4 silver spoons, 2 looking glasses, a negro wench "of no value"; a negro boy #11.12 Addt'l inventory in the hands of John Keney Sr. #133.5.1. 1756 Sep 30 - Kenney, Jacob of Somerset Co, yeoman, wife Kertitie gets house; son Jacob #200; son Simon all real estate plus keeps mother; Daughter Willampe Kessart #10; daughter Gertitie Yeark #10, daughter Catharine Kessart #10; daughters Ann Williamson & Dorothy Dennis #10 each. Son Simon executor, prvd 13 Mar 1762 Lib H p99 1757 Dec 8 - Kinney, William, Sr. of Readingtown, Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., Wife Eve, children: Peter, Michael, Adrian, David, William, Lydia and Elizabeth, prvd 10 Nov 1760 Lib 10 p. 555. 1759 Nov 17 - McKinney, Mordecai Sr. of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., wife Mary, ch: John, Jacob, Daniel, David, Mordecai, Ann - will also names Mordecai, son of son Daniel; children of deceased son William viz. Abraham, Ann, Mordecai and Mary; sons David and Mordecai and Derick Molate were executors. prvd 5 July 1760 Inventory 1108.3.6. 1760 Dec 31 - Kinney, Zepheniah of Newtown, Sussex Co, Intestate. Bondsmen Ebenezer Byram & Amos Petit. Inv. #15.7.6. Lib 10 p465. 1762 Nov 2 - Kinnan, Joseph of Bernardstown, Somerset , Int. Ruth, the widow of said place, Thomas Kinnean of Morris Co. and Edward Lewis of Somerset Co. as fellowbondmen Inv. #1,016.14.4 Lib H p197. 1763 Nov 19 - Sebring, Daniel of Reading Twp, Hunterdon Co., NJ Wife Catherine gets house & 5 acres. To Daniel McKinney 50, rest to nephews Daniel & Peter Belew, Mordecai McKenney and Peter Bodine. Son-in-law Peter Bodine and nephew Isaac Belew get apparel. Proved 31 Jan 1764. 1766 Feb 27 - Kenney, John of Hanover, Morris Co. Eldest dau. Mary Parrit #5, Real and personal sold and divided with other three daus. Johannah Price, Elizabeth Kenney and Abigail Cooper. Ex. Thomas Kenney & Jacob Ford Jr., prvd 19 Mar 1766 Lib I p.177. 1773 Apr 6 - Kinney, Jacob of Morris River, Cumberland Co., Int. Adm. Stephen Clark, Esq. of Downs, Cumberland. Inv. #27.14.0 Lib 14 p545. 1774 Mar 2 - Kinnan, Joseph of Somerset Co., Ward. Son of Joseph, deceased, eldest son & heir at large chooses John Carle, Esq. of Morris Co. as guardian. Lib L p 154. 1777 Jan 7 - Kinney, Simeon of Somerset Co, son Jacobus, a horse; Real and personal property to be sold, money to wife and children: Jacobus, Peter, Simon, Johannes, Abraham and dau. Leah equally. Ex. wife. proved 6 Feb 1786 Lib. 28 p.492 1777 Feb 11 - Keen, Earick of Piles Grove, Salem Co., Int. Adm. the widow, Mary. Inv. #98.6.0 Lib 18 p.479. 1777 Mar 6 - Kenney, William of Greenwich, Sussex Co, will of. To my wife, all real and personal property while my widow. After my son, William, comes of age, then lands to sons John & William, Daus. Sarah, Jemime & Cathrine #60 each. Sone James & David. my farm on the Sisscohannah (Susquehanna?) River near Whaphallopen. Daus. Hannah, Jeane & Betsey #30 ea. Ex. Son John, John Barber, brother-in-law Jacob Ten Eyk. Prvd 18 Nov 1778 Lib 20 p 323. 1778 Jul 9 - Kinnan, Thomas of Morris Co, Wife Mary, sons John & Joseph land where they live in Roxbury Twsp. of 170 acres, they must discharge obligation to Jesse Sutton. Son Thomas, land where I live, bounded by Daniel Cooper Jr. and John Catle, also a lot on the Passaik River. Daus. Susannah, Deborah, Phoebe & Mary money from sale of land. Ex. son, Thomas and son-in-law Gawing McCory. Prvd 12 Feb 1784 Lib M p.195 1781 Dec 31 - Keen, John of Hopewell, Cumberland Co., wife Rachel 1/2 of plantation, son Jeremiah other 1/2, dau. Hannah Keen #5, Cedar swamp in the Maniway Swamp to be sold. Daus. Mary Keen, Rachel Keen, Sarah Keen, and Kattern Keen 20 shillings ea. Ex. wife Rachel, son Jeremiah. Wit. Josiah Keen, prvd 3 Mar 1784 Lib 26 p125. 1784 Feb 26 - Kinnan, John of Somerset Co., Int. Adm. Joseph Kinnan Lib M p.243. 1784 Apr 14 - Keen, Mary of Woolrich twsp, Gloucester Co., Int, Adm. Mounce Keen & Abraham Keen, both of Gloucester Co. Lib 26 p.46. 1784 May 14 - Keen, Patience of Philadelphia Adm. Raymond Keen of Phila. fellowbondsman John Lawrence of Burlington Co., LIb M p.285. 1784 Oct 22 - Kinney, James of Somerset Co. Int. Adm. Peter Kiney fellowbondsman Samuel Kinney both of said co. Lib M p.245. 1784 Oct 25 - Kinney, Jacobus of Somerset Co. Inv. #100.19.8 file 765R. 1787 Jul 30 - Dils, Johannes of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co, NJ, blacksmith, Son John (the eldest); dau. Anna, wife of Peter Rodenbogh; son Hermanus; dau Elizabeth, wife of Mordecai McKinney; sons Peter, Joseph; dau. Charity, wife of Casper Hendershot, grandson Moraits, son of dau. Catherine. Proved 27 Nov 1789. 1788 Sep 29 - Keen, Peter of Pilesgrove twsp, Salem co. Wife Catherine, grandson Samuel Keen; grandau. Rebekah Keen; sons Elijah and Daniel; dau. Elizabeth Bassett, wife of Samuel and dau. Sarah Bassett, wife of William; are mentioned. prvd 29 Jul 1789. Lib 31 p339. 1790 Jan 10 - Mowerson, Elizabeth of Bridgewater Twp, Somerset Co, (widow of Frederick, dec'd)... to Frederick, son of Peter Kenney, 20 also mentions dau. & son of Peter Biggs, proved 14 Dec 1796. 1790 Jan 27 - Mowerson, Frederick of Bridgewater Twp, Somerset Co. Nephew Peter Kinney, son of my sister Angelche Kinney, deceased, to have nothing, only 5. Wife Elizabeth, nephew George, son of George Hall are also mentioned. Proved 21 Aug 1790. 1792 Feb 7 - Keen, Thomas of Cape May Co. Int. Adm Pricilla Keen, Lib 34 p.464. 1792 Mar 3 - McKinney, John of Newtown, Sussex Co, Int. Adm: John Wiley. Fellowbonsman: James Gibson. Wit: Henry Littel. Inv. #227.13.10 (#5.2.6 was money belonging to the widow and her daughter) Lib 34 p.160. 1792 Dec 21 - Kinneman, Henry of Mansfield Twsp, Sussex Co, will of. Son, Peter #50. Dau. Margaret Fits #80. Granddau. Margaret Insis (Innes), one cow. Daughter Mary Taylor #80. "After the old people decease, the two daughters, Margaret Fits and Mary Taylor, may divide the loose estate between them and Jacob Taylor, my son-in-law, shall have full possession of my land." Ex. sons-in-law Philip Fits and Jacob Taylor. Wit: John Cline, Christopher Snyder and Nicholas Labourgh. Prvd 25 Nov 1800. 1800 Nov 14 Inv. #45.4.9 made by John Cline and William Paterson. Lib. 39 p. 204 File 862 N. 1793 Oct 23 - Keen, Elias of Chester, Burlington Co., cordswainer, Int. Adm. Unity Keen. Inv #258.13.9. File 1150C. 1793 Mar 1 - Kinney, Thomas of Morristown, Morris Co. Sons John, Jabez and Abraham get all real and personal property divided equally. Prvd 15 Apr 1793. Lib 33. p.328 file 824N. 1794 May 31 - Keen, Mounce of Woolrich twsp, Gloucester Co. Son Nicholas gets 1/3. Dau. Sarah Richman gets 1/3, son Ananias 1/2 of remaining 1/3. Monies from sale of real and personal property including 35 acres purchased from William Estlack estate, tavern & lot in Sweedsborough rented to Henry Lowdenback. Grandchildren of Mounce and Sarah Keen (children of son Ananias) other 1/2 of remaining 1/3 when of age. Prvd 4 Apr 1795. Inv #368.18.2. file 1952H. 1794 Nov 5 - Kinney, Simon of Somerset. Ward. Son of Jacobus Kinney, deceased. Wardship of mother Sarah Kinney, guardian in Soccage, makes choice of Peter Kiney as guardian. Lib 33 p.449. 1795 Jan 31 - Keen, George Sr. of Hardwick Twsp, Sussex Co., yeoman, Plantation appraised and all children to share equally. Sons John and Coonroad get additional horse, 2 cows and gun; dau. Elizabeth and dau. Margaret mentioned, other children remained unnamed. Ex. Baltis Tilman, Andrew Keen, John Keen. Prvd 1 Nov 1796. Lib 36 p.364 Inv. #547.15.8 personal, plantation with 235 acres #650 and plantation where Andrew Keen dwells as #420. File 698S. 1796 Feb 18 - Kinney, Jabez of Hardyston, Sussex Co., Int. Adm: John Kinney of Morris Co. FBM: Abraham Kinney of same and Elias Ogden of Sussex Co. Inv. #131.5.11. Lib 36 p.383 File 699S. 1796 Mar 26 - Keen, Jacob of Hunterdon Co., Int. Adm: Hannah Keen Lib 36 p.308. 1797 Jul 11 - Kinney, Richard of Hardwick Twsp, Sussex Co., Int. Adm: Elizabeth Kinney, FBM: Isaac Corsen of Hardwick and Elias Smith of Oxford, all of said Co., Inv. #602.17.1 Lib 37 p.279. 1797 Jul 19 - Kinnan, John of Middlesex Co., Int. Adm: Andrew Bennet, FBM: John Vaughn and Asa Thomas, all of said Co., Lib 36 p.549. 1797 Sep 28 - Kinney, Hannah of Morris Co., ward. Daughter of Jabez Kinney, of said Co., deceased. On petition of Nancy Kinney, John Kinney and Abraham Kinney, that said Nancy Kinney be made guardian. Guardian - Nancy Kinney, FBM: Nathaniel Bull of said co. Lib 37 p240. 1800 Nov 7 - Kinnaman, Henry of Sussex Co. Int. Adm. Peter Kinnaman of Alleganey Co, Maryland. FBM: John Fitz & Lawrence Futz, both of Mansfield twsp, said Co., Lib 39 p.206 File 861S. 1809 Mar 15 - Axford, John of Oxford, Warren. Will of. wife Abigail. Sons - Samuel, John, Jonathan, Abraham; Daus. - Johannah, Abigail Parks, Sarah, Nancy and Martha; G-Dau. Elizabeth Ayers McCollum d/o Abigail Parks. Ex. Sons Samuel & John and son-in-law John Kinney Jr. (husband of dau. Nancy)

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