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Norn and Grendel Paradise

Markham Carroll's Dwarf Norns

Updated October 11, 1998

These Norns were bred from Markham Carroll's Dwarf Norns. Please visit Markham Carroll's Nornland to get the Dwarf Norn Sprites and Body Data.

Some of them need additional sprites to look like the ones in these pictures. You can get the Santa and Bunny Sprite and Body Data files from Norn Holiday.

The Sprites and Body Data for Grorns came from Lis Morris' The Palace of the Evil Shee (formerly Hippy Norns Hangout).

Get the Body Data and Sprites for the Matt Norns at The Matt Project.

Click here to download the EttaNorns, which were created by Robert Marsh.

Click on a picture to download a Norn.

Sorry, these Dwarf Norns only work in C1. If you try to convert them to C2 Norns they may turn into bald Norns, and they may become infertile.

Wency Bethany Brigford Bessie Caponi
Chiffon Collen Cammy Dakin Corazon
Cassandra Dozzle Dexie Curtis Dawton

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