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Favorite Sites to Visit

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Here are some of our favorite places we've visited:

Personal Homepages:

  1. Rowley Genealogical Research -- a page dedicated to the research of Henry Rowley (c1595-1673) and his descendants created by my late (7th) cousin (twice removed), Tedd Rowley. The site is now maintained by Judy Bramlage. Thanks, Judy!
  2. Maureen's Genealogy Page (No longer available.) -- a page maintained by my (4th) cousin (once removed) and dedicated to genealogy, including the Rowley and Dustin lines mentioned above.
  3. Locke Genealogy -- as presented by Kingsley Locke, my eighth cousin once-removed through our Dustin/Duston lines.
  4. new"William Cross' Diaries" If you are an early Martin Co., Minnesota, researcher, you HAVE to check out this site. This is the result of countless hours of transcribing by Robbi Hoy of Grandfather William Cross' diaries, which, as Robbi writes, "...were written at Rose lake and they range from 1881 through I believe 1904."
  5. VikiMouse logo VikiMouse Collection of Genealogy Graphics -- a great spot to shop for webpage graphics. Most of the graphics on this page were provided from The Mouse Pad.

Organizations, services, etc.:

  1. Martin County Genealogical Society homepage -- of which I've been a member for a number of years.
  2. Martin County Historical Society homepage -- of which I'm a lifetime member.
  3. Minnesota Historical Society "Death Certificate Index"
  4. Genealogical Forum of Oregon homepage
  5. Rootsweb -- a very valuable and useful genealogical resource.
  6. USGenWeb project -- another valuable genealogical resource.
  7. Martin Co., MN -- my "home-county" in the USGenWeb project.
  8. Lac Qui Parle Co., MN -- the "home-county" of my Steffen ancestors (a USGenWeb site).
  9. McHenry Co., ND -- the "home-county" of my Steffen and Kuenle ancestors (a USGenWeb site)
  10. Rockcastle Co., KY -- the home of a lot of the Cromers in our family tree (a USGenWeb site)
  11. Laurel Co., KY -- a fun site to search for our Kentucky ancestors (a USGenWeb site)
  12. LDS Family Search -- an important site to search for ANY surname
  13. Land Survey descriptions -- a site used to help you decipher land records and maintained by Gary Lee Phillips.
  14. Colorado Genealogical Society
  15. -- search different genealogical databases for free!
  16. The National Archives -- which is slowly getting our national archives online.
  17. Social Security Death Index -- a direct link to the SSDI page of Ancestry Search above.
  18. Gendex -- Genealogical Database -- another great service provided by Gene Stark of GED2HTML fame. The Borchardt tree appears in this database as of 10 April 1997.
  19. "Online Genealogical Database Index" -- a place to find online surname databases. Provided by Tim Doyle.
  20. Journal of Online Genealogy -- get your free monthly subscription here.
  21. Switchboard -- a person-finding utility I have successfully used to find people to aid in the search for more family history.
  22. Four11 -- now called "Yahoo People Search".
  23. U.S.P.S. Zip+4 Lookup -- find the zip code + 4 for any address.
  24. Roots Computing -- a site where you can subscribe to Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and where you can find out the "how-to's" in researching your family tree.
  25. The Fairmont Sentinel -- My old hometown's daily newspaper.
  26. The Minneapolis StarTribune Online -- a lifeline to my favorite Minnesota sports teams.
  27. Kirby Puckett Retires -- a page dedicated to my favorite sports hero.
  28. The Rocky Mountain News Online -- a link to my favorite Colorado news source.
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