ROWLEY entries in the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Inc. membership 
genealogy index.

Member#  First/middle name  Dates         Other

A-3      Mary Pauline       1837-1910     VT-MN; m. Hiram Cutting
B-169    Henry              d. 1673       m. Sarah Palmer
         Mehetable                        m. John Fuller in ca1678
         Moses                            m. Elizabeth Fuller in 1652
B-347    Mary               b. 1653       m. John Weeks in 1675/6
         Sarah                            Eng; m. Jonathan Hatch in 1646
         Henry                            MA; m. Ann Palmer
C-188    Ann                1804-1868     m. Joseph Sylvester Havens
C-254    Henry                            m. Ann Hielsdon in 1633
D-132    Eunice Ellen       b. 1866       WV; m. James Franklin Smith
         Calvin                           m. Sara Garrett
F-55     Amittia            ca1792-ca1863 m. Stephen Towsley
         Jesse              b. 1763       NY; m. Sarah Jones in 1787
G-23     Sarah                            Eng; m. Jonathan Hatch in 1646
         Henry              1600-1673     Eng; m. Sarah Palmer
H-138    Martha             b. 1710       CT; m. Tho. Fuller
         Moses              ca1679        MA-CT; m. Martha Porter in 1707
         Moses              1654-1735     MA-CT; m. Mary Fletcher
         Moses              ca1627-1705   MA-CT; m. Elizabeth Fuller in 1652
         Mehitabel          1660/1-ca1732 m. John Fuller
         Henry              1598-1673     Eng-MA; m. Sarah Palmer
         Sarah              b. ca1625     Eng-MA; m. Jonathon Hatch in 1646
H-195    Moses I            1630-1705     m. Elizabeth Fuller I in 1652
         Abigail                          m. Samuel Gilbert
         Samuel                           m. Elizabeth Fuller
         Mehitabel          1660-1732     MA; m. John Fuller in 1678
         Henry              d. 1673       MA; m. Sarah Palmer
         Moses II           1654-1735     m. Mary Fletcher
J-107    Mehitable          1660
         Henry                            m. Ann Eldson in 1633
K-166    Mehitable          1660/1-1732   m. John Fuller
         Matthew Sr.
L-40     Celestina          1826-1910     NY; m. Samuel Harvey Marble in 1851/2 
         John               1799-1874     NY; m. Sophia Ellethorpe
         John               b. 1768       CT; m. Roxanna Westland
         John               1744/5-1805   m. Mary Steel
         John                             m. Mary Filley
M-19     Sarah              1626-1710
         Henry                            m. Sarah Palmer
O-18     George Martin      1858-1928/9   WA; m. Lucinda Ellen Rogers in 1876
         Stephen            1814-1891     PA-NE; m. Laura Weed
         Jesse Jr.          1779-1867     NY; m. Mary "Polly" Short
         Jesse Sr.          b. 1751/2     m. Bathsheba (unknown)
         Elnathan           b. ca1700     CT; m. (2nd) Lidia Wells in 1736
         Emma Bell          b. 1891       NE; m. Clark Preston Mannon
         Shube(a)l          1660-1714     MA-CT; m. Catherine Crippen
         Moses Sr.          1630-1705     Eng-CT; m. Elizabeth Fuller
         Henry              d. 1673       Eng-CT; m. Sarah Palmer
R-38     Reed Smoot         b. 1905       ID-UT-MT; m. Viola Blanch Hunter in 1927
         John Thompson      1871-1939     UT-ID; m. Lucy Melvina Golding in 1891
         John Thompson      1847-1925     Scot-UT; m. 1868 Jane Paul
         Ralph Nephi        1823-1901     Eng-UT; m. 1843 Mary Ann Thompson
         John                             Eng; m. Sarah Wright
         Ralph                            m. Amy Leigh (or Leese)
R-204    Mehitabel          1660/1-ca1732 MA-CT; m. John Fuller
         Moses              bef1630-1705  CT; m. Elizabeth Fuller in 1652
         Henry                            Eng-MA; m. Ann Palmer
S-94     Mehitabel                        m. John Fuller (ca1656-1726) in 1678
         Moses                            m. Martha Porter
         Mary               1708-1798     m. Ebenezer Fuller in 1738
S-222    Naomi                            m. Samuel Fuller
S-323    Henry                            m. Ann Heilson in 1633
T-4      Mehitable          1660-1732     MA-CT; m. John Fuller
         Moses              1630-1705     Eng-CT; m. Elizabeth Fuller in 1652
         Henry              d. 1673       Eng-MA; m. Sarah Palmer; 
                                                  2nd Anne Eilston Blossom
T-74     Ellen              d. 1630       Eng; m. Richard Norton in 1615
         Thomas                           m. Mary Cornwell
W-260    Mary                             m. Garrett Durland

ROWLEE surname:

C-24     Elizabeth          1791-1879     NY; m. Daniel Coe in 1810
P-45     Mary (Polly)       1785-1849     NY; m. John Blauvelt in 1806
         Lt. Heman          1746-1818     NY; m. Lydia Seely (Seeley)

From the Western Kentucky Journal, Vol. IV, No. 1, Winter 1997

The Rowleys appearing in the index are:

Ann (p. 18)
Gustavus (p. 32)
Harriet M. (p. 32)
Nancy (p. 18)
Robert (p. 18)

On p. 18, under "APPRENTICE BONDS FOR FREEDMEN, UNION CO, KY 1866-1868", it reads:

"After the Civil War, many former slave children were left with no means of support and were often bound out to people in the community, sometimes their former owners, to learn a trade. These apprentice bonds may provide the only record of the age of these children. In exchange for food, lodging, clothing, and medical attention, the apprentice was to faithfully and honestly serve his/her master. At the expiration of the term, the apprentice was to receive a new suit of clothing and a sum of money. Males were to receive $100 and females were to receive $50, if they were not taught to read and write.


"31 Dec 1866 Ann ROWLEY, who was born 13 Aug 1852, bound to Robert ROWLEY until 3 Aug 1872, when she will arrive at the age of 18 years, to learn the art of housekeeping; she having no known parents.


"8 Jan 1867 George FERREL, minor of Nancy ROWLEY (dec'd) bound to John J. BARNETT until 15 Dec 1875, at which time George will attain the age of 21 years, to learn the art of farming; George having no parents living."


On p. 32, under "BURROUGHS GENEALOGY, UNION CO, KY", it reads:

"Union Co, KY County Court Order Book G, pg 22, Sept term 1861

"'On motion of Gustavus ROWLEY, George HENSHAW Esquire well known to this Court as a Gentleman of veracity[,] personally came into court and by the oath of sd. Geo. HENSHAW was proven that he was acquainted personally with George BURROUGHS[,] formerly of Union County Kentucky[,] that Geo. BURROUGHS died some two years since - sd. HENSHAW further stated that he was not personally acquainted with Harriet BURROUGHS[,] wife of sd. George[,] but that is the common report and he has every reason to believe that she died in sd. county of Union many years ago - that he well knew Elizabeth BURROUGHS[,] their daughter and only child who intermarried with one WILLIAM POOL and the Elizabeth POOL departed this life over Twenty years ago in Union County and that Elizabeth POOL had but one child[,] Harriet Mary POOL[,] who afterwards married and is now the wife of sd. Gustavus ROWLEY[,] now residing in sd. County of Union[,] which facts are Certified to all whom it may Concern.'"

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