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* Source: Janet(12) O'Hara Richardson research (Donald(11) O'Hara,
*    Martha(10) McMillan, Maryett(9) Rowley, Peter(8), Timothy(7),
*    Timothy(6), Moses(5,4,3,2), Henry(1))
* Transcribed on 13 April 1997 by Mike Borchardt
* Note: Items in brackets -- [ ] -- are added by me.
by Homer W. Brainard, Hartford, Conn., as found in the 1906 edition of the
Pages 203-204]

25. MOSES(5) ROWLEY (Moses(4), Moses(3), Moses(2), Henry(1)), b. Sept. 5, 1713, in East Haddam; d. after 1773, probably in Richmond, Mass.; m. about 1735-6, Mary _____. "Mary, wife of Moses Rowley, Jr., admitted to church in East Haddam, Sept. 5, 1736," and she united with the church at Kent, Conn., on May 6, 1744. This Moses Rowley is found in many towns. Deeds in the several places show that he resided until 1739 in Middletown, Conn.; from 1739 to 1743 in Sharon, Conn.; from 1743 to 1745 in Kent; from 1746 to 1748 in the Oblong, N.Y.; and from 1748 to 1772 in Kent, and after 1773 in Richmond, Mass. In Kent he lived on a tract of land west of Housatonic river, which is described as being in "Scatacook," a part of Alger's grant. He also bought large tracts of Jabez Castle, and Robert Watson, and appears to have been an enterprising man. His dwelling was near Macedonia Brook in Kent, and near the line between Connecticut and New York.

i. Thomas, bap. Sept. 19, 1736, in East Haddam.
ii. Martha, bap. Sept. 19, 1736, in East Haddam; m. John(?) Cahoon of Oblong, N.Y.; alive in 1772.
iii. Timothy, bap. April 17, 1737, in East Haddam; m. Dec. 3, 1761, Bethiah, dau. of Ebenezer Crocker of East Haddam, and settled in the Oblong.
42 iv. Aaron, bap. May 30, 1739, in East Haddam.
v. Nathaniel, b. ______; d. Jan. 6, 1741-2, in Sharon, Conn.
vi. Mary, b. May 9, 1745, in Kent.
vii. Reuben, b. Feb. 7, 1748, in the Oblong.
viii. Moses,
...................} twins, b. April 6, 1752, in Kent.
ix. Daniel,
x. David, b. Sept. 6, 1755, in Kent.

26. DANIEL(5) ROWLEY (Moses(4), Moses(3), Moses(2), Henry(1)), b. March 12, 1720, in East Haddam; d. ______; m. (1) Jan. 24, 1744-5, Bethiah Langrell of Goshen Parish, Lebanon, Conn.; b. about 1726; d. May 7, 1750, at Colchester, Conn, aged 24 years, dau. of Joseph Langrell; m. (2) about 1750 or 1751, Jemima Parsons, bap. April 27, 1735, in Durham, Conn.; d. about 1773, probably in New Canaan, N.Y., dau. of Timothy and Mary (Robinson) Parsons of Durham, Conn.; m. (3) _______. The proof of the second marriage is found in Middletown (Conn.) Probate Records, Vol. III, pp. 40-43. His second wife d. before 1773, at which time she is called late deceased in the settlement of the estate of Capt. Timothy Parsons, late of Durham. Deeds in the several places show that he first resided in East Haddam, then in Colchester till 1751, then in Kent, Conn., and the Oblong, N.Y., until 1758, then in Great Barrington, Mass., until 1769, then in Richmond, Mass., in 1770, and in 1773 in New Canaan, N.Y. Perhaps also he may have lived in Stockbridge, Mass., for a time. He owned land there. In 1770, being then in Richmond, he conveyed lands to his sons Daniel Parsons, Jr., and Reuben Rowley, although they were still minors.

i. Bethiah, b. March 9, 1746; d. Jan. 8, 1749.
ii. Azubah, bap. March 27, 1748, in Goshen Parish, Lebanon, Conn.; m. Nov. 28, 1760, Consider Hills of Lebanon, Conn.
iii. Joseph Langrell, bap. May 13, 1750; he was of Colchester in 1771-2, and in 1786 of New Canaan, N.Y.

Children by second marriage:

iv. Jemima, bap. April 6, 1755, at East Haddam; living at New Canaan, N.Y., in 1773.
v. Bethiah, bap. April 27, 1760, at Amenia, N.Y.
43 vi. Daniel, bap. March 27, 1763, at Amenia; m. Sarah Beckwith.
vii. Olive.
viii. Timothy Parsons, b. April 2, 1768.

Children by third marriage:

ix. Reuben, b. Jan. 1, 1770.
x. Rachel, b. July 30, 1774.
xi. Rhoda, b. June 8, 1776.

* Source: Research of Janet(12) O'Hara Richardson (Donald(11) O'Hara,
*    Martha(10) McMillan, Maryett(9) Rowley, Peter(8), Timothy(7),
*    Timothy(6), Moses(5,4,3,2), Henry(1))
* Transcribed on 22 December 1997 by Mike Borchardt
* Note: Items in brackets -- [ ] -- were handwritten in by Janet.

Copy of Mariett Rowley's paper:

Mariett Rowley - born Aug. 17, 1822 in the town of Volney, Oswego Co., N.Y. father's occupation farmer owned small farm 40 A which his father had given him also did odd jobs and worked on Oswego Canal. father's age when she was born 27 yrs.

Mothers name Alice Dustin. Age at her birth 23 yrs.

Children six
  Elemuel Bustian (?)
  Mariette, living [b. 1822 Volney, Oswego Co, NY]
  Darius 1826, [Harbor Creek, Erie Co, Penn] living East Chain Lake, Martin County, Minn.
  Velma [(Velinda) - b. 1830 - Ohio]
  Lucy A. 18[3]4, [Ohio] living- now Curtis - Fairmont, Martin Co. Minn.
  Abbie Ann [-1838-Wisconsin]

When 4 yrs. old, left Volney and moved to Harbor Creek, Erie Co., Penn., 10 miles from Erie - Father took up farm and worked in it for 4 yrs.. Then went to small town of Richfield, Medina Co., Ohio. Then started making farming mills - One year at Richfield. Then moved to Shaarin and bought 200 acres of land from a man by the name of Ganger - 30 miles from Cleveland. Medina Co. Seat of Medina Co. 3 yrs. at Shaarin - threw up farm and got back what money he paid in it. Then went to Wisconsin - Trip in the Steamer Michigan sidewheel, to Detroit- Then in Schooner Marshal Ney to Green Bay- 14 days in Schooner- Wind bound 3 days in Macinaw- Got to Green Bay on Oct. 16, 1834- Recollection that Green Bay making oars for lighters on Fox river- First winter spent in Kaukauna- Went there on a lighter- Hunted and trapped that winter- got about 50 or 60 dollars worth of furs- My father paid passage $28 apiece for 2 men and woman- never got back money-
Went from Kaukauna to Green Bay in Spring- Went to school that summer- last schooling- Margaret McGulpin teacher.
Then went to Big Sturgeon Bay- 13 yrs. old. Met my husband there when I was coming 17, in May- Married in October 1839.

Father traded with Indians. Father first settler in Two Creeks. Town called Rowley.

[Mother - Alice Dustin Rowley - b. 1799
Father - Peter Rowley - b. 1795 - Gunsmith Oneida Co, NY]

* Source: Research of Janet(12) O'Hara Richardson (Donald(11) O'Hara,
* Martha(10) McMillan, Maryett(9) Rowley, Peter(8), Timothy(7),
* Timothy(6), Moses(5,4,3,2), Henry(1))
* Transcribed on 24 December 1997 by Mike Borchardt
* Note: Items in brackets -- [ ] -- were added by me.
notes on paper of Mariette Rowley

Mariette lists herself, Darius and Lucy as living, so must have written paper between 1899 and 1905.

Children of Peter Rowley and Alice Dustin Rowley

Elemuel Bustian b. Nov. 11, 1819 - m. Betsey
daughter Polly D.

Mariette b. Aug 17, 1822 Volney, Oswego Co., N.Y.
d. July 29, 1905 OshKosh, Wis. bur. Riverside
m. Oct. 10, 1839 - Neil McMillan b. 1812 Isle of Colonsay, Scotland, d. Mar. 2, 1889 Two Creeks, Wis

Darius b. Jan 29, 1827 Harbor Creek, Erie Co. Penn
d. Feb 1, 1909 East Chain, Martin Co. Minn
bur. Oakwood Cemetery, E. C. Minn.
m. Louise Rouse

Velina b. Nov. 29, 1830 Ohio
m. Aaron V. Walker 3/1/1853

Lucy A - b. July 29, 1834 - Ohio m.1 Christian Schultz 9/15/1852
d. Jan. 9, 1918 Fairmont, Minn.
m.2 Obediah Curtis - b. Aug. 29, 1827 d. Sept. 30, 1909

Abbie Ann b. Mar. 29, 1838
d. Dec. 19, 1899
m. George Tower

Alice Dustin b. 1799
Direct descendant of famous Hannah Dustin
Peter Rowley b. 1795 NY
1820 NY Census lists Peter Rowley - Oswego Co
1850 Wis Census lists Peter Rowley - Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co, Wis.
also Allice, Darius - 22 - b.Pa; Velinda - 20 - b. Ohio; Lucy A - 16 b. Ohio; Abbie A - 12 b. Wis
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