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Neighborhood News

Leader Tips

Part of the fun of thinking globally (like we did last month on Thinking Day) is exploring how scouting is both the same and different around the world.
***It is fun to study the history of scouting, including scouting in other parts of the world.
*** Learn about other countries’ culture, and learn about how other scouting organizations are run.
***With the girls you can try to learn how to cook new foods, make a traditional piece of clothing, play a game, or sing a song from another country.
***Don’t forget to explore other scouts within the United States as well - they also have differences and this may be equally meaningful to the girls
***Find the location of wherever you are studying on a flat map and a globe and compare it to your location Talk about how far away it is. Talk about weather, climate, culture and how it might impact what they do in scouts (ie Alaskans camp different from Florida's)
** Penpal (email or postmail) with a group from another country at the same age level as your girls.
***Don’t forget that council has resources on scouts from other countries, including pictures of uniforms, their promise, law, motto, sign, names of their age levels, what they call their leaders.
***Exchange mascots around the country or internationally with other scout groups.

Because You Said 'Yes'

Because you said 'yes':

And the circle will continue...because you said, "YES"

Team Help Requested

As discussed in previous meetings, we are most likely going to have a Service Team composed of "Teams" next year. If you are interested in joining one of the teams please contact Deb Wallace. To remind you what teams we are forming, here is a list:

Standard Of The Month

Girl Scouts of the USA has 35 program standards that each Girl Scout adult who is involved with girls, either directly or indirectly, should be familiar with. In an effort to make each and every one of us more aware of the standards we should always be following we will profile one standard each month.

All Girl Scout members should wear the membership pin when participating in Girl Scout activities. Since Girl Scouting is a uniformed organization, girl and adult members should be informed, at the time they become members, that they are entitled to wear the Girl Scout uniform appropriate for their age level. Although the wearing of the uniform is encouraged, it should be clearly conveyed that the wearing of the uniform is not required for participation in Girl Scouting.

Bridging News

If you have girls in Kindergarten, 3rd grade, 6th grade, 9th grade or 12th grade, then you should have already chosen your bridging representative and have attended a couple of meetings. The meetings are held at Fire Station # 83 (213 NE 120th Street / off Mill Plain) from 6:30 - 7:45 p.m. The dates of the remaining representative meetings are Monday, March 29; Monday, April 26; and Monday, May 10. The rehearsal for the bridging ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday May 26 at Wy'east Junior High School Auditorium from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. The actual bridging ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2 at Wy'east Junior High School Auditorium beginning at 7:00 p.m. Any questions should be directed to either Gail B. or Maggie M.

Neighborhood Campout

The first training and informational meeting for those troops attending the Neighborhood campout this spring was held before the regular troop meeting tonight. If you missed this extremely important meeting please be sure to get the information you missed!

Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon Reminder

Don’t forget the Columbia River Girl Scout Council Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon on April 17, 1999. For those that want to be just a little more in touch with the Girl Scout program than simple troop meetings, then this is a good place to start! Come and "Get The Scoop" on what has been done council-wide in the past year, and what is being planned council-wide for the future! This information impacts each and every troop in various ways, and an informed leader always has an "edge" over those that wait for the news to "trickle down" through the channels. This event is open to ALL registered Girl Scout Members. The Annual Meeting portion is FREE. There will be a charge for the luncheon.

Baden-Powell/Thinking Day Trivia Answers (from last month)


1. Latin name for Peace

  • Pax
    2. Acronym for where we send money
    3. The actual date
  • Twenty-Two
    4. Month
  • February
    5. Name of 1st Daughter
  • Heather
    6. How broad the scope is
  • International
    7. Her Maiden Name
  • Soames
    8. Name of 2nd Daughter
  • Betty
    9. World _____ Guide (her)
  • Chief


    2. His Sister's Name

  • Agnes
    3. Country where they are buried
  • Kenya
    4. He was the first
  • Founder
    5. Name of only Son
  • Peter
    6. His first name
  • Robert
    7. Difference(years)in their ages
  • Thirty-Two
    8. Why the date was chosen
  • Birthdays
    9. Pax ____, their home in England
  • Hill
    10. Where they met
  • Cruiseship
    11. Name of their African home
  • Paxtu
    12. Her first name
  • Olave

    Swinging Along The Open Road
    by Gladys Jacobs

    Part 1:
    Swinging along the open road,
    Under a sky that’s clear.
    Swinging along the open road,
    In the fall of the year.
    Swinging along, swinging along,
    Swinging along the open road,
    All in the fall of the year.

    Part 2:
    Swinging along the open road,
    Swinging along under a sky that’s clear.
    Swinging along the open road.
    All in the fall, in the fall of the year.
    Swinging along, swinging along,
    Swinging along the open road,
    All in the fall of the year.

    Whene’er You Make A Promise
    by W.W. Shield 1828 (four-part round)

    Whene’er you make a promise,
    Consider well its’ importance.
    And when made,
    Engrave it upon your heart.

    Program Ideas


    World of People

    These games were compiled by Charles Folks. They are representative of some countries beyond the usual listed in our books

    Spearing the Disk – Ethiopia
    Courtesy of J.P. English

    Each player needs a spear or a pointed stick. A disk made of soft wood is also needed. The players line up, spears in hand. The leader, 30 or 40 feet away, starts the disk tolling across the playing area. Each player throws the spear, trying to pierce the disk and score one point. The player with the most points at the close of the play wins. A variation of the game is to throw at a hoop that is rolled down the field.

    Hopping Sticks – Taiwan
    Courtesy of J.P. English

    Form up in a relay formation, each group having short sticks. These are placed on the floor, like the rungs of a ladder. On the starting signal, the first boy from each group hops over the sticks, taking care to land between each one. If he moves any of the sticks he must go back and start hopping from the beginning again. When the first boy gets to the end of the course of ten hops, he must bend down, still standing on one foot, pick up the last stick and hop back to his place, hopping back over the sticks. As each boy takes his turn he brings back one stick until all have had a turn. The first group to complete the course is the winner.

    "Basse" – Norway
    Courtesy of Trude Johannessen, Beaver Leader, Norway

    Take 1/2 of the inside of an old bicycle wheel and cut it up in small pieces, about 2 centimeters each. (They will look like circles). Then you pull a thin rope or something similar to keep the rings together and make a tight knot. It will now look like a ball, and it is what we call a "basse"! In this game you can be 2 or more players. Each player have his/her own square, about 1,5 X 1,5 metres. The squares has got common "boarders", and if it is 9 players it will be 3 on each side and 1 in the middle. One player has the basse and starts the game by kicking the basse up in the air and tries to get it to land in one of the other players square. The point here is to keep your own square free, and you can only use your feet. When the basse has fallen down in the same square 5 times the player has to go out of the game. The one who lasts the longest has won!

    World of Well-Being

    Here are some different food ideas to try with your girls. Again, they are not so different from things we do here, but they are unique:

    Twists, from the UK

    Make a VERY stiff dough out of flour, water, a pinch of salt, and a bit of sugar. Roll into a snake and wrap around a GREEN stick. Cook over a very very hot fire until it is done through. Eat with honey, jam, or butter. - Courtesy Mike Whay, Oxfordshire, UK

    Eggs on ember! from Norway

    Pinch a hole in each end of the egg. Take the ember away and put the egg down on the warm soil. Cover the egg with warm soil, ashes and ember. After about 15 mins the egg is done!! - Courtesy Trude Johannessen, Beaver Leader, Norway

    Tea in a Paper Bag From Australia

    Set up and light a candle. Fill a paper bag with water and hold over the candle until the water boils. Add a tea bag (instant coffee also works) and enjoy. As a caution, the bottom of the bag may fall out and put your candle out if the water does not heat quickly enough, so be prepared to do this more than once. - Courtesy Lizmack, Australia

    World of Today and Tomorrow


    Kites are popular in the UK and Australia with the scouts. The bridle is a ring so the kit string can slip back and forth. You can disregard heat tacking and use heavy tape. To increase the size, just multiply all the dimensions up (they are given in inches, remember to increase the strength of the straws (try dowels), string, and tape. It should fly easily in almost any wind. For more information on kites, check out

    Remember to not fly around power lines, or near trees.

    World of the Arts

    Batik - From Indonesia

    First some history - By Carol Todd
    Batik is an ancient art form which has been practiced in the Orient and Middle East for hundreds of years. Batik has been done for nearly 2000 years. Many people think it began in Egypt. It is a special art form which uses fabric, dye and wax to create pictures or designs. The best known batik is produced on the island of Java in Indonesia and in Malaysia. The batik from each place is different because it is made in a slightly different way.

    Other information includes that traditionally animals and people are not depicted because of Islamic rules prohibiting the pictures of living things.

    Use cotton or silk fabric. Heat wax until it melts and use a stylus of some sort to drip the wax onto the fabric in a design. Make sure you use plenty of wax. This is what protects the fabric from the dye. Then dip the fabric into the dye. Let it stay there until it is the color you want. Bright, brilliant colors are best. Remove it and allow it to drip dry! (This is important don’t wring it out!) wash in hot water (boiling) to remove the wax. You will have a pattern in your fabric. To get more elaborate, start with light colored dyes and add more wax each time. You can crinkle the wax allowing more dyes to seep in through the cracks and color the fabric in patterns created that way. Each piece will be different.

    - info from

    World of the Out-Of-Doors

    Italian Games

    These games are from a group of Italian scouts. They translated the rules of four of their favorite games into English.(are you impressed with their English yet?) Enjoy the games - they are remarkably similar to some of ours I think.

    Roverino: The game is set between two scout teams. Note a Roverino is a Frisbee The field is first divided in two parts, each one with a base (max. diameter = 2m) where one scout stays in. The other players enter in the field and stay near the opposite team base until the referee in the field-center has whistled and pitched the roverino in the air. Each team starts running to the roverino and tries to take it. The players have to pass the roverino between themselves being aware lest the opposite players should intercept it. Team with the roverino should arrive at its base, and throw the Frisbee into the scout's arm stretched out for it (ready to catch it). So one point is given! Note: A player with the roverino in his hands can't do more than three steps.

    Scalpo: Two players game- Preparation: You slip a part of a scarf or handkerchief into your trousers, behind your back. Aim of the game: Keeping a hand behind your back, you try to take your opponent's scarf with the other hand. Good luck!

    Italian Scout Ball: Preparation: You divide the players into two teams, which will play in a large rectangular field with two goals on the shortest sides. There will be two goalkeepers, too, who mustn't wear a scarf. Then the players will wear their scarves the same way of "Scalpo" Aim of the game: You try to put the ball over the line of your opponent's goal. Rules: Your team can acquire the ball intercepting the passages or taking away the scarf of the player who is holding the ball. When you take it away, the player must go out of the play-ground; If you do that while he hasn't got the ball, he won't go out, but you will! When the score is kept, all expelled players can return to play and the game will restart from the centre of the field. The time will finish when the time you choose expires. Enjoy the game!

    Palla Tattica - "Tactical Ball": You can play over a ground of changing size, according to the number of players, maintaining in any case the dimensions on relationship of 2:3. At the ground's edges you can put two goals, 2,5 meters wide. The 2 teams place themselves each on their half of the ground, along the bottom line. When the umpire whistles, the ball is thrown in the air, and all players run to pick up it. Carrying the ball you cannot make over 3 steps: at the end of this 3 steps you have forced to pass it or to throw it in the goal (if you can!); the ball can be intercepted only in flight! If the ball goes out of bounds, you must make the throw-in for the opponent team, from the same point where was going out. When a team makes a point, the ball return to the opponent team.

    Courtesy of ARCISCOUT Rover Unit of Abano Terme 1st Group - Davide Grisalfi (Iron[Fe26) leader- ITALY

    Council Quotes

    Phone-In Registration: You may register for G.R.E.A.T. Guide events and Adult training by calling the Phone-in Registration Line. This line is available to currently registered Girl Scout members by calling (503) 972-8517.

    Event/Adult Training Update Line: Wondering what events/training’s are full, canceled, or still available? Call our Event/Adult Training Update Line at (503) 598-6543 or 1-800-338-5248 ext. 6543.

    The Rosebud Picnic will be at Oaks Park on Sunday, June 6, 1999. Volunteers are needed to help at the registration tables, and to wear mascot costumes. Sign up for the 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. shifts. Volunteers will receive a free ride bracelet (to be used that day or brought back another day) and a small lunch. Register through the G.R.E.A.T. Guide.

    Outrageous Outdoor Adventures will be at new sites this year. Look for changes in the "Summer Programs and Resident Camps 1999". Volunteers are needed to make these day camps a success!

    Demolition permits have been obtained for the Old Lodge at Mountaindale as well as the caretaker’s tool shed and home. We will keep you posted on the dates these demolitions will occur as soon as we know them. One possibility is that the fire department may burn down the Old Lodge. Listen to the information line (503) 598-6555 or 1-800-338-5248 ext. 6555 to find out the exact time and date of burning. We’ll let you know if visitors will be allowed. All leaders, day camp directors, neighborhoods, and others with dates reserved at Mountaindale this spring are on a special list for instant information regarding this development.

    Cookie Program Credit will be mailed in early May. Girls planning on using Cookie Program Credits for summer programs should indicate the amount they expect on their registration forms and note that when the Cookie Program Credit is received it will be included with payment.

    Cookie Program Credit may be spent in a variety of ways:


    Cadette / Senior Girl Scout Recognition Celebration. All girls planning to attend the Cadette and Senior Girl Scout Recognition must register through their Girl Scout leader by May 5, 1999. The cost is free.
    When: Friday, June 18, 1999; 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. (note change in time from the G.R.E.A.T. Guide) Dessert reception to follow from 8:30 - 9:00 p.m.
    Where: Oaks Park - Dance Pavilion
    Foot of Spokane, Portland, OR

    All Girl Scouts, Daisy through Adult, community members and families are invited to attend this event and revel in the accomplishments of these outstanding Girl Scouts.

    CORRECTIONS: SUMMER PROGRAMS AND RESIDENT CAMPS BOOKbr> Grade level descriptions on the graph (page 7) are accurate. On page 6, note grade-level corrections listed below:

    G.R.E.A.T. Guide Update

    The Cadette Girl Scout Trip date has changed. It will be held Tuesday, June 22-Thursday, June 24, 1999. This program is only open to Cadette Girl Scouts who re-register in the spring. This program is a great progression for girls who are interested in taking longer trips in the future or are going to be applying for Wider Opportunities.

    Troop Talk

    NOTE: It has come to my attention that this page is one of the more popular pages in the monthly newsletter. It is a page that is entirely made of your contributions. The Neighborhood Newsletter is done almost 100% by one person. As such I cannot attend each and every troop meeting that occurs in the neighborhood in order to report back to everyone else what you are doing. In the past, the person that compiled this section placed phone calls to each and every troop. This is not being done by me since it is my firmly held belief that if you (as adults) really want to report what your troop is doing, then you will take the initiative to either send it by regular mail, fax your news, or e-mail it. Since there has been a request to keep this page I will attempt it for exactly one more month. If the lack of contributions continues at the same depressing level, then April will be the LAST month there will be a Troop Talk page. ~GMB

    Daisy Doings

    This area can be filled with things that your Daisy troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting.

    Brownie Bits

    This area can be filled with things that your Brownie troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting.

    Junior Journal

    This area can be filled with things that your Junior troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting.

    Cadette Capers

    This area can be filled with things that your Cadette troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting

    Senior Sentinel

    This area can be filled with things that your Senior troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting.

    Dates to Remember

    March 15 ………………………….…………Cookie Sales End
    …………………….…………..Neighborhood Meeting
    March 17 …………………………………….….St. Patrick’s Day
    March 20 ……………..#Flip For Gymnastics Almost Overnight
    March 20-21 …………….….#Girl Scout Celebration Overnight
    March 27 ………………………….#Junior Basic Outdoor Skills
    March 29 ………………….Neighborhood Bridging Meeting
    April 5-9 ……………………………………………..Spring Break
    April 10-11 ………………………………….…#Seattle Camp-In
    April 17 ……………...#Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon
    April 19 …………………….………….Neighborhood Meeting
    April 22 …………………..…………..Girl Scout Leader’s Day
    April 24 - 25 ……………….……#Brownie Try-It Fun Overnight
    April 26 …………………………..……………..Bridging Meeting
    May 9 ………………………………………………..Mother’s Day
    May 10 ……………………………….…………Bridging Meeting
    May 21-23 …………..………….…....Neighborhood Campout
    May 26 ……………………….Bridging Rehearsal @ Wy’East
    June 2 ………………………………..Neighborhood Bridging

    # = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.

    Service Team

    1998-1999 Service Team

    Neighborhood Chair…………….Deb W
    Registrar…………………………Carol J
    Brownie Program Consultant….Natalie L
    Junior Program Consultant…….Helen S
    Treasurer…………………………Jan A
    Family Giving ……………………Katherine R-D
    Cookie Team…………………….Linda S, LeAnn C
    Neighborhood Camp Chair……..Judy C

    Mirror Contributors

    Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
    Content ………...................…Service Team
    Council Quotes ………………..…...……Delivery Team Dispatch
    Program Ideas…………………………..……………Gail B

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