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November 1999

Welcome to the November 1999 Online Edition of the Mountain View Mirror...the monthly newsletter of the Mountain View Girl Scout Neighborhood 2-4. Here are the topics you can find more information about in this document:
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Neighborhood News

Swinging Along the Open Road

Swinging along the open road,
Under a sky that’s clear.
Swinging along the open road
In the Fall of the year
Swinging along, swinging along,
Swinging along the open road
All in the Fall of the year.

Swinging along the open road
Swinging along under a sky that’s clear
Swinging along the open road
All in the Fall, in the Fall of the year
Swinging along, swinging along,
Swinging along the open road
All in the Fall of the year.

Calendars are Still Available

Roxanne G still has calendars available for troops to sell. There are only 55 pocket calendars left. They are being sold at $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. All of them are available for $41.55, and this would represent a profit of between &96.45 and $123.45 for a troop that took all of them. See Roxanne for more information.

Don’t Forget Cookie Training!

That’s right…the time before the December Neighborhood meeting has been set aside for Cookie training. Each troop should have a Cookie Manager or her/his representative attend this all-important meeting. It is VITAL that you have a representative at this meeting in order for your troop to sell cookies in January.

Special Events Help Needed

Each year the Neighborhood puts on different events for troops. In the past we have had Swimming, Skating, “Boogie With a Buddy”, Build a Birdhouse With a Buddy, Bowl-a-Thon, Thinking Day Celebrations, Mother-Daughter Tea, Fashion Show, Fitness Fair, and other things. But these events just don’t happen without volunteers to help plan and organize them. Please consider helping out by signing up to help coordinate an event this year.

A Very Special Thanks to the Cans Film Festival Participants
Troops 680, 1267, 1292

Another HUGE thanks to the Veterans Day Parade Participants
Troops 680, 1267, 1292

Older Girl Retreat Help Sought

The Neighborhood Older Girl Retreat desperately needs a troop to coordinate the event. This is a special weekend for Cadettes and Seniors that is sponsored by the neighborhood each year. To volunteer please talk to Roxanne G.

Troop Meeting Planner

Although meetings vary from age level to age level on length and activities, many times the basic meeting structure is the same. Following are the basic parts of a meeting (that can be used at all levels) which can be moved around and adjusted for your own troop's needs. As the girls get older, they can plan more and more components of the basic meeting until at the Older Girl level (Cadettes/Seniors), they should be able to plan an entire meeting themselves.

  1. Early Bird or pre-Opening: Something for the girls to do when they arrive with little leader direction. Girls seldom arrive all at the same time to meetings and many times the leader is busy setting up the final touches for the meeting. This activity gives them something positive to do with their energy rather than run around. Some examples might be:
    • Jumprope
    • Puzzles
    • Word Games
  2. Opening : Something to officially start the meeting. Some examples might be:
    • Flag Ceremony
    • Game
    • Song
    • Recite Promise & Law
  3. Business: Take Attendance, collect dues, brainstorm ideas, make plans, vote on decisions
  4. Activity: The project for the day whether it is doing a service project, making a craft, working on a recognition or???
  5. Snack: Sometimes younger troops like to use their snack as their Early-bird activity, especially if the girls meet right after school and are hungry.
  6. Clean-Up: Remember, Girl Scouts leave a place better than they found it and it is the responsibility of the girls, not the leaders, to clean up after themselves.
  7. Announcements : Reminders of upcoming activities, Permission slips due, hand out newsletter (if any)
  8. Closing : Something to officially signal that the meeting is over. Some suggestions might be:
    • Friendship Circle
    • Song
    • Magic Tunnel
  9. Emergency Activities: It is always a good idea to have 2-3 extra activities (songs or games) waiting in the wings in case the planned activities go faster than planned.

Remember that meetings do not always fit into this plan and the girls and leaders may need to be flexible in their implementation of the planned program.

Operation Dear Abby Service Project

My thanks to every one of you who has worked to make Operation Dear Abby so successful every year. Your outpouring of cards and letters lifts the spirits of servicemen and women who are far from home and family, to remind them they are in our hearts.

Many school and clubs make this a group project...however, in order to ensure that the mail is received within the required time frame and that it falls within the Department of Defense security guidelines, mail will be limited to ONLY first class letters and cards, 13 oz or less...

Specific units and countries are not being targeted, only major US military Air Mail Terminals and Fleet Mail Centers overseas...these mail hubs will distribute it on a fair-share basis to all branches of the armed forces.

The US Postal Service will begin accepting this mail on Nov 15, 1999. After Jan 15, 2000, mail will no longer be accepted for these addresses...If you have difficulty at your local post office, ask the clerk to check recent postal bulletins. OPERATION DEAR ABBY addresses are not always entered into postal computers...

“Juliette On Tour” Thanks

A BIG thank you to the following people that helped to make “Juliette On Tour” in Vancouver a huge success:

  • Cadette and Senior Troop 72 for all they did…especially Natalie L and Roxanne G.
  • Carol J - helper extraordinaire
  • Carol H – another great helper.
  • Gina P from Neighborhood 2-7.
  • Madi D from Neighborhood 2-7.
  • Kathy V (former leader and former Neighborhood 2-6 Chairperson) – Discovery Middle School Staff.
  • Barb L from Flint, Michigan and Debbie D from Mount Vernon, Washington for traveling to Vancouver to lend morale support and pitching in to make things run smoothly.
  • And lastly…the lady that made it all possible…Lois Siemer, for her interpretation of Juliette Gordon Low.

Program Ideas

Barnyard Scramble

Give each girl the name of an animal on a slip of paper(or a picture, especially for young girls who cannot yet read). Make sure there are at least two of each animal. On the signal, girls must make the sound that their animals make and try to find other girls with the same animal. This is a great way to break the ice.

Brownie Handbook Hunt
Find the following items and indicate on which page in the Brownie Handbook they can be found.

  1. Find a picture of the food pyramid. Page______
  2. Find a game from Brazil. Page _____
  3. Find the words and music to the Brownie Smile Song. Page _____
  4. Find directions for making a sit upon. Page _____
  5. Find a story from the Arapaho Nation. Page _____
  6. Find directions for making invisible ink. Page _____
  7. Find the Brownie Story. Page _____
  8. Find information about the Brownie Girl Scout Ring. Page _____
  9. Find out how to make S'Mores. Page _____
  10. Find where it tells how to say the Girl Scout Promise in sign language. Page _____
  11. Find the requirements for the Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Patch. Page _____
  12. Find directions for making a solar cooker. Page _____
  13. Find information about the Girl Scout cookie sale. Page _____
  14. Find information on Girl Scout ceremonies. Page _____
  15. Find pictures and information about the Brownie Girl Scout Uniform. Page _____

Junior Handbook Hunt
Find the following items and indicate on which page in the Junior Handbook they can be found.

  1. Find information and pictures of the Junior Girl Scout uniform. Page _____
  2. What is T.A.P.? _____________________Page_______
  3. Find a list of supplies to be found in a first aid kit. Page _____
  4. Find a badge about careers. Page _____
  5. What is the Girl Scout motto? _____________________ Page _____
  6. Find the Finger Spelling Sign Language Alphabet. Page _____
  7. Find an activity describing how to make a compass. Page _____
  8. Find requirements for the Junior Leadership Pin. Page _____
  9. Name the only Girl Scout Sign that is located in the handbook rather than the badgebook. Sign of the _________. Page _____
  10. Find a page for party planning. Page _____ How many different recipes for popcorn are there? _____
  11. Find directions on how to sew on a button. Page _____
  12. Find directions on creating a Leadership Action Project. Page _____
  13. Find instructions for tying different types of knots. Page _____
  14. Find directions for making a beaded necklace. Page _____
  15. How many World Centers are there?_____ Page _____
  16. Find directions for making a kaleidoscope. Page _____
  17. Find the Insignia/Recognition game. Page _____
  18. Find an illustration of the food pyramid. Page _____
  19. Find requirements for the Bridge to Cadette Girl Scouts Patch. Page _____
  20. Find a ceremony planning worksheet. Page _____
  21. Find instructions for laying and lighting a fire. Page _____
  22. Find a badge about learning to look your best. Page _____
  23. Find a budget worksheet for planning your own individual budget. Page _____
  24. Find a list of a zillion and one ways to take a hike. Page _____
  25. Find a questionnaire to determine what kind of a friend you are. Page _____

Let’s Talk About It

Communication is the key to a good relationship and who would know better than Philips Consumer Communications, a manufacturer of communication products. In an attempt to improve communication between parents and pre-teens, Philips is offering a free "Let's Connect" booklet by psychologist, Dr. Kutner.

A study found that "Today's adolescents are dealing with complex and difficult issues at a younger age than earlier generations" making the importance of communication even greater. "Let's Connect" is the first in a series of Philips sponsored workshops for students and parents. The workshops are being held in cities across the country and they feature stars such as Michelle Trachtenburg of "Harriet the Spy" and Ajay Smith of "The Journey of Allen Strange." Pre-teen and teenage years are very difficult when it comes to schoolwork, family, boyfriends, appearance and other troublesome topics. That's why Philips is trying to improve kid-parent communications so that kids will get help with their problems.

For a free copy of "Let's Connect: A Guide to Better Family Communication," send a self-addressed, 32 cent stamped regular business envelope to:

Troop Talk

Daisy Doings

This section is for you, the Daisy Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

Brownie Bits

This section is for you, the Brownie Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

  • Troop # 669 (Sabrina M / Janet T / Kim S) We've had a very busy October. It started with a trip through the Wetlands in Hillsboro on the 16th, (The weather, luckily, was not wet but beautiful), the Zoo Snooze at the Oregon Zoo on the 23rd & 24th, (did you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at night at the Zoo, ask a Brownie from Troop 669 and she'll tell you), plus a wonderful troop Rededication Ceremony performed by the girls for their families on the 27th. We're now looking forward to a busy November and December attending additional Great Guide events and also planning a December Service Project.

  • Troop 854 (Sandi H) - This month we completed our Food Fun Try-It when we made and baked pretzels. We learned how to prepare baked apples, a fruit fizz, and how grains are prepared in different countries around the world.

    We continued collecting pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House at Emanuel Hospital. We made a visit to the Ronald McDonald House on Nov. 11 where we received a tour of the facilities. We presented them with our pop tabs, a bag of food for their kitchen, and turkey table decorations which we made at our last meeting. Before our visit, we all had lunch at McDonald's.

    The girls and their families planted flowers at Bella Vista Park. We are invited to attend the park dedication on November 13th.

    We continue to enjoy getting to know the new Brownie sisters who have joined our group this year.

  • Troop # 1108 (Diane K / Nicole J) - Troops 1067 & 1108 merged to form 1 large troop of 13 girls. Our first meeting was held on September 13th and so far the girls have earned 3 try-its (Caring & Sharing, Dancercize and Color & Shapes) and were Rededicated on October 18th. We completed a community service project by having the girls bring canned food to our meeting for “Northwest Harvest South 2nd Annual food Drive”. “Fort Vancouver Ghost Stories” was a family event that was planned for our troop and we look forward to attending Games Galore and Flip for Gymnastics this month.

    Junior Journal

    This section is for you, the Junior Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

  • Troop # 680 (Carol J) – Our troop has been busy. Three girls and 1 leader went camping at Celilo at Camp Arrowhead. The girls worked on their fire-building skills with the help of the Cadettes and Seniors and learned to use a hatchet to make kindling. The explored trails the girls (and their leader) had never hiked and helped stacked wood for next year’s camp season. Thanks to troop 72 for inviting us. The following weekend three girls collected food at Cascade 16 for “Cans Film Festival”, then we saw a movie. We had a “Day after Halloween” party with costumes and treats. We welcomed a new troop member who was one of three girls who were in the Veterans Day Parade. The weather was great and we got to meet girls from other Neighborhoods because all the Girl Scouts were grouped together. Two of our troop members were especially busy as they attended all the events. In between our outings we complete the Girl Scouting in the USA badge. The girls especially enjoyed watching the Golden Eaglet and looking at old Girl Scout handbooks. They said they felt worry for those of us who had worn the old uniforms.

  • Troop # 791 (Virginia & Jeannie) - We started our year with a family barbecue at LaCamas Lake. Everyone enjoyed the day in spite of all the wind. At our first meeting we planted tulip bulbs at the church where we meet. Some of the girls had been working on badges over the summer so we have spent some time letting them present their finished requirements to the troop. We were asked to help at the church's annual Talent show by greeting people and handing out programs and then we were able to enjoy the show. We attended the "Ghost Stories" on Officer's row. This was a lot of fun for us all. There was a wedding for a "dead couple" and two of our girls participated as the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Then we attended a party at Club Dead, where the "dead" people did swing dancing. There were lots of other mini plays all with a spooky theme. Although we did a lot of walking and they were tired the girls want to go back again next year. We celebrated Juliette Low's birthday and Halloween together. We used the information in last months newsletter to read to the girls and they performed the "Story of Juliette Low". This helped set the girls up for the "Juliette Low Tour" that we just attended. They really enjoyed the program and so did the leaders. We had our picture taken with her and we were able to thank her personally for her presentation. We are off to a good start.

  • Troop # 797 (LeAnn C / Sue K) – These 6th grade Juniors have earned several badges – “Collecting Hobbies”, “Doing Hobbies”, “Computer Fun”. We made cards, posters, flyers, origami parrots and swans. All will apply toward the completion of the “Sign of the Rainbow”> During a Brownie meeting on 11/17 with troop 944 (a sister of one of our members), these Juniors will progress toward acquiring the “Junior Aide” Badge. The girls will teach Girl Scout songs, “grace before snacks” songs, and camp songs. Candle-making will be the main activity. The girls are looking forward to help with the younger girls.

  • Troop 7311 (Kathy G) - It has been a very productive fall for our newly bridged Juniors! We harvested our community garden plot to bring our total charity food donation to over 150# for the year (this project was done with our sister Brownie Troop 209) In mid-October we helped at the new Bella Vista park by spreading bark dust on the garden section. We celebrated Juliette Low’s birthday with a costume party as we organized and planned for the upcoming year.

    We started November with the investiture of two new girls and rededication of the remaining girls. We have re-combined with Troop 3711 to bring our girl total up to 17. So far, so good! We have lots of interesting ideas for the upcoming year and can’t wait to get started.

    Cadette & Senior Sentinel

    This section is for you, the Cadette or Senior Troop Leader or Cadette or Senior Girl, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

  • Troop # 72 (Roxanne G / Natalie L) – – We have a new member this month, Dolly E. We now have 20 girls in our troop and will take more if you know of an older Cadette or Senior needing a troop.

    We have been busy this past month helping out in the “Juliette On Tour” presentation on November 10th. Our troop helped set up the hall, directed traffic, sang songs, did flag, and served refreshments and did clean-up. We have been planning the “Junior Girl Power Overnight” event coming up on November 19-21. We are the host troop for this first time council event and hope to make it a great success.

    A tip for troops: Sponsor or host a council event; this is a great way to earn service hours to Girl Scout, Program Aide (P.A.) hours, leadership hours, and have a variety of experiences where the girls put their skills to work. Usually council will pick up the expense of the event and you can get free camping for your troop if it is an overnight event!!

    Dates to Remember

    November 11 ……………………………….……..Veteran’s Day
    November 15 …………………………Neighborhood Meeting
    November 20-21 …………#Junior Girl Scout Power Overnight
    November 25 ……………………………………….Thanksgiving
    December 3-4 ………………………….#Zoolights Zoo Snooze
    December 4 ……………………………………………Hanukkah
    December 10-12 ………………..…..….#Zoolights Zoo Snooze
    December 13 …………………………Neighborhood Meeting
    ……………………………………...…..Cookie Training
    December 23-January 1 ……………..Office and Shop Closed
    December 18-19 ……………………….#Zoolights Zoo Snooze
    December 25 …………………………………………..Christmas
    …………………...#Annual Breakfast for the Homeless
    January 1 ………………………………………..New Year’s Day
    …………...#Registration Open for March-June events
    January 3 ………...……………………..Neighborhood Meeting
    January 15 …………..……………#Cookie Order Taking starts
    January 25 ……………..………….#Cookie Order Taking ends

    # = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.

    Service Team

    1999-2000 Service Team

    Neighborhood Co-Chairs……Deb W / Roxanne G / Judy C
    Membership Team …………..Carol J / Lynn K / Virginia S / Suzanne B
    Leader Support Team …(Brownie) Natalie L / (Daisy) Nichole J / (Brownie) Sue F / (Cadette) Roxanne G
    Communications Team ……...Carol H
    Finance/Cookie Team………...Linda S / Jan A / Deb W
    Awards & Recognition Team…..LeAnn C / Helen S / Diane K
    Events Team …………………..Zina Y / Diana A
    Community Resource Team…......Lisa P / Mary Beth J / Carol H

    Mirror Contributors

    Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
    Neighborhood News………………………………..Carol H
    Service Project ……………………………………….….Dear Abby
    Program Ideas……………………………………....Gail B
    Council Quotes…………………….Delivery Team Dispatch
    Troop News……………………………………………Our Troops

    “KEWL” Internet Site of the Month
    A new or fun place each month with ideas that can be used with troops…especially for those leaders connected online!
    Winter Holiday Crafts for Girl Scouts

    Council Quotes

    Girl Scout Week is celebrated throughout the United States of America for the week of March 11 – 18, 2000. During this week we celebrate the founding of the Girl Scout organization> Special days during that week are:
  • March 11 Girl Scout Sabbath
  • March 12 Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout Birthday
  • March 14 Be Your Best Day .

    Be Your Best Week will be celebrated this year during Girl Scout Week. Be Your Best Day will be Tuesday March 14, 2000. Again this year Girl Scout troops will have the opportunity to register for the Be Your Best event. Girl Scouts registered for the event will receive a Be Your Best Journal, a ribbon to be worn on Be Your Best Day to show girls’ commitment to being their best this week and all year long.

    A reminder to register for training courses. Confirmations are mailed to Group Camping Skills and Community First Aid registrants only.

    Girl Scouts in the New Millennium – What do you think Girl Scouts will look like in the year 2012? We want you to get creative and design a uniform, draw or take pictures of activities that you think Girl Scouts might do, or show us how the Girl Scouts will grow with the times. Send your pictures and drawings, anytime during the 1999-2000 Girl Scout membership year, to the Girl Scout Office with your name and troop number on the back (pictures will not be returned) and we will send you and every Girl Scout in your picture the new “Gold Millennium Disc”.

    Congratulations! Mountain View Neighborhood had a 10.64% increase in membership for the 1998-1999 year! We ended the year with 530 registered members.

    Girl Scout Leaders need to use appropriate language throughout the holiday season so those who don’t practice certain religions aren’t excluded. “Happy Holidays” and “Winter Break” are a few examples of appropriate language.

    The Oregon Zoo is looking for Girl Scouts over 12 years of age to help with Zoo Lights from December 3, 1999 to January 2, 2000. Some of the possible ways of helping would be to wear costumes or put on a puppet show. For more information or to sign-up call Sara Larson at the Oregon Zoo (503) 525-4273.

    G.R.E.A.T. Guide Update

    There has been a misprint for the Community First Aid and Safety Class in November. The correct dates are Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18.

    Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts can participate in the Keep Living the Dream Service Project at Jefferson High School which is famous for its Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. The celebration is January 17 from Noon to 6:00 p.m. All you need to participate is a can of food and a dream. Call the Girl Scout Office after November 15 for further details.

    It’s not too late to register to spend a couple of hours on the morning of December 25 helping feed and distribute clothing to Portland’s homeless. We need just as much help the week before the Breakfast. Call Heather Law at the Girl Scout Office for more information or to volunteer your family or Girl Scout troop.

    Girl Scout Shop Notes

    Your Girl Scout Shop is well stocked and very busy with the start of all the new Girl Scout troops.

    We will be closed: Thursday – Saturday, November 25, 26, and 27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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