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While surfing the net we found something that just had to be shared. Alyson M. of the Pickering Valley Service Unit in Freedom Valley Girl Scout Council, Pennsylvania has developed an excellent web page for her Service Unit. This was done as a Silver Award project. She has graciously given us permission to use her findings. If you would like to see some other great work she has compiled then check out her Silver Award Project and see if you don't agree with us.....What a GREAT job she has done!! We have taken the liberty of adding some other terms for your enjoyment.

Four Program Goals For Girls:

1. To Develop to Her Full Individual Potential.
Translation: You are a very small cog in a very big machine.

2. To Relate to Others With Increasing Understanding, Skill, and Respect.
Translation: You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

3. To Develop Values to Guide Her Actions and to Provide the Foundation for Sound Decision-making.
Translation: Never Miss a Meeting or a Deadline

4. To Contribute to the Improvement of Society Through the Use of Her Abilities and Leadership Skills, Working in Cooperation With Others.
Translation: Sell Cookies and collect for Family Appeal.

Troop Committee:

Types of Troop Government:

Girl Scout Glossary:

If you enjoyed these humorous terms, then you are truly a Girl Scout/Guide through and through! And we know that ALL Girl Scouts/Guides enjoy eating and sharing good by the International Camping Cyber Cookbook page and help us help others!

Have you ever wondered if you were too involved in Girl Guiding/Scouting? Then perhaps you should check this hilarious page and see if you fit any of the descriptions there.

For additional laughs about another aspect we all have experienced,you can check out the musings and reminiscing of Guiders and Girl Scouts world wide as they relate their Latrine Stories. They are downright funny!

Last updated 8/29/97

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