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Beinstingel Family Genealogy Sources and Notes

The information that I have at this point is all handed down from family and obtained from the Anton Reimann: OSB Palanka, 3 volumes, Frankfurt and Main 1981, pages 118 and 1247.

Those on the Banat Mailing List have been invaluable in my family research. Several recalling families that were mentioned and known by their own families. I have been able to locate a cousin from Germany with their help. Her family line was believed to have perished during World War II. However, that was not the case, I am finding out that several family members were only missing and had not died in the war.

The Internet has been a great find for my research without it I may have never known that there is much more to my family history.

Thank you to all those that have helped and continue to help in my searches.

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