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Beinstingel Family areas of settlement


Migration Routes: Steiermark, Austria to Backa Palanka to Nijemci, Yugoslavia to Vienna, Austria to Passau, Germany to New York to New Jersey to Texas to Alaska in the USA. Sidski Banovci is the origin of Magdalena Harfman Beinstingel's parents.

Following is a list of the BEINSTINGEL lineage as best as I know it.

Franz Beinstingel born 1777 was from Steiermark, Austria died 26 August 1841 Backa Palanka widower of Anna Rheinberger. Married 14 Sept 1830 Anna Maria Klement born 1784 died 22 Jan 1855 widow of Joh. Georg Ehman. Franz Beinstingel and Anna Rheinberger may be the parents of:

Georg Beinstingel born about 1820 died 22 April 1873 Backa Palanka married Eva Rebl born 16 Feb 1823 died 29 May 1873 Backa Palanka. They were the parents of:

Josef Beinstingel born 24 November Backa Palanka. He married 14 November 1876 Backa Palanka, Anna Ritt born about 1856 died 5 July 1895. He remarried 4 Feb 1896 Elisabetha Schnell born 1859 Parabuty widow of Johann Jungabel. Josef Beinstingel and Anna Ritt were the parents of:

Georg (Duro) Beinstingel born 11 September 1882 in Backa Palanka. He was crushed to death by a mill stone, married in Nijemci, Yugoslavia to Magdalena Bardon born in Nijemci, Yugoslavia. They were the parents of:

Josef Beinstingel born 20 August 1909 Nijemci, Yugoslavia died 24 May 1968 married 18 November 1928 Nijemci, Yugoslavia Magdalena Harfmann (her parents were Christina BLUM d:1942 Nijemci, Yugoslavia from Sidski Banovci and Jakob HARFMANN) born 8 February 1909, died 4 April 1994 They were the parents of:

Carl Beinstingel born 25 June 1938 Nijemci, Yugoslavia married 2 June 1958 Houston, Texas Roberta Christ born 2 Oct 1942 Alvin Texas (daughter of Conrad Jacob Christ and Tessie Morene Paris).

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