Dutch Oven Cooking

My thanks to Sue Moore of Frontier GSC for her training outline which I adapted to develop this course.

Self-Introduction/Trainee Introductions

Course Objectives (By the end of the course participants will be able to:)

  1. Compare aluminum with cast iron Dutch ovens by naming 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage for each.
  2. Know how to season a Dutch oven.
  3. Know the care and cleaning of a Dutch oven
  4. Name 3 accessories needed for Dutch oven cooking
  5. Cook a simple Dutch oven recipe.
  6. Identify 3 resources for Dutch Oven cooking.

History of the Dutch Oven

  1. † †Dutch Ovens have been in use for hundreds of years - especially useful when the country was expanding and families were on the move.
  2. Unable to bring their large cook stoves with them, women learned how to cook entire meals, from stews and soups to bread and desserts, in their Dutch Ovens.
  3. Utah's Official State Cooking Pot
  4. Regular versus Camp Dutch oven

Selection of Dutch oven †

  1. Cast Iron Advantages
  2. Cast Iron Disadvantages
  3. Aluminum Advantages
  4. Aluminum Disadvantages
  5. Size
  6. New versus used?

Dutch Oven Cooking Equipment (**starred items are required for Dutch oven cooking**)

Prepare Dutch oOven Recipes and put on to cook

Regulating temperature

Seasoning the Dutch oven

Care of your Dutch Oven

  1. The number one rule of cleaning cast iron - NO SOAP!!!
  2. It is a good idea not to cook tomato-based food in a new Dutch Oven as the acid will remove the seasoning
  3. After cooking remove lid - do not use as food storage vessle
  4. Store with lid ajar in a warm dry place & leave a paper towel inside
  5. Transport with care & donít drop or bounce them
  6. Never pour cold water into a hot pot or you can permanently dammage your oven

Cleaning the Dutch Oven

  1. With water -
  2. Without water



MacScouter †- follow cooking links to Dutch Oven section

International Dutch Oven Society home page

Chuck's Cooking Tips - Excellent resource on care & cooking tips. Includes some recipes as well.Very thorough.

Marv's Dutch Oven Ideas Page - Good general info page, but not nearly as informative as the above site.

Chuck Wagon Supply

A Happy Camper

Larsen Dutch Ovens

Kampers Kettle †- Aluminum Dutch Ovens

To Training Outlines


Dutch Oven Pizza

Spread pizza crust in bottom of well seasoned Dutch oven. Squeeze pizza sauce over the top or dough and spread. Cover with cheese and toppings as desired. Cover and cook with 8 coals below and 16 coals on top for about 10 minutes.

Dutch Oven Brownies

Prepare Brownie mix per package directions. Place in bottom of Dutch oven (or in round aluminum baking pan in oven). Cover and cook with 8 coals below and 16 coals on top for 20-30 minutes (do not overbake). Remove from bottom coals after 15 minutes.

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