Wider Ops

Wider Opportunities, or Wider Ops as they are more commonly called, are merely excursions that take place outside the regular meeting place and time. They can be as simple as a trip to the park or as elaborate as a visit to the Juliette Low Birthplace or one of the Girl Scout World Centres. These are known as Troop Wider Opportunities. See the Trip Planning section of this site for more information on planning Troop Wider Opportunities.

When you ask Cadettes or Seniors about Wider Ops, they normally will think of Wider Ops with Nationanwide Participation. These are events run by sponsoring Girl Scout councils that are open to a specified number of participants from across the country and sometimes from around the world. Each year's events are listed in a publications called "Wider Ops" which is generally available in August as well as published online on the GSUSA Just for Girls Wider Op page. Participants submit a written application to their own Council for the event they wish to participate in. They are then interviewed by local staff or volunteers. Their application and Council recommendation are then forwarded to the council that is sponsoring the event. Applications are again reviewed and selections are made.


These events cover widespread topics from science and engineering to history and the arts. Several events each year include outdoor skills such as canoeing, biking, or backpacking. Skiing and other snow sports are offering during the winter. In addition to these events, GSUSA also often sponsors several events around the country such as its leadership seminars at the Girl Scout training facility in New York, the Edith Macy Conference Center. No matter what the topic, meeting Girl Scouts from across the country is always a high point.


Accommodation during these events are often local Girl Scout camps but can range from dormitories at local universitites to home hospitality where the girls stay with a host family for a portion of their stay.



In addition to the Wider Ops with Nationwide Participation, there are International Wider Opportunities that the girls can apply for. Many times these are at one of the four World Centres (Pax Lodge in London, Our Chalet in Switzerland, Our Cabana in Mexico, or Sangam in India). Girls must be at least 14 years old to participate and a special application must be filled out.




Application Hints

Before filling out applications for a Wider Op, girls can check out the hints listed on the GSUSA site. There is also an online application form to fill out and then print. Additional hints for filling out applications are as follows:


Interview Hints

Here are some hints to think about prior to the council interview.


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