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Parents Of Two With Autism

Adam & Ryan

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My name is Jaime King. You may know me by SOS I am a simple person with simple interests. I like to read everything I can get my hands on about Autism for it plays a large part of my life. I also love to do everything I can to make sure my family is happy. And every spring I look forword to starting my garden. I have a beautiful rose garden, Gardening is one of the things that helps me to keep my sanity. I use to spend allot of time at The #Autism Channel
Ive been busy trying to make something of myself to chat. Its still a great place for parents like myself to go to meet other parents.
Ive been busy trying to teach myself HTML and Paintshop Pro. Since Im a stay at home mom. And I know my boys are gonna be with me for the rest of my days, I figured Im gonna try to create a job for myself designing websites. Id be my own boss.Id work from home, so Id be there for my boys and Id make money doing something I like. I spend allot of time doing tutorials to master my Paintshop Pro 6 I plan to do my own graphics. If your curious to know what The King Family looks like then click here King Family Photo Album
My page starts out Welcome, Parents of two with Autism. and I would like you all to know that the welcome is to all with a connection to autism and if you dont have a connection,well thats ok too.
I am happily married to a wonderfull man named Chris. We've been married for 10 years now. We are the proud parents of 2 beautiful little boys. Ryan-7 1/2yrs old and, Ryan is dxs with Autism/Williams Syndrome/Arnold Chiari 1 malformation. Ryan is verbal but seems to lack comunication skills,but he has come along way and is still improving.Ryan is in A self Help Skills Class at Highland Park Elem.With my help and setting up my computer just right for him,Ryan now search's the web on his own.He connects and even knows to look for the big blue E(Inernet explorer). In the favorites folder Ryan has his own folder called "Ryans Folder",which contain 4 more folders. Indians,Trains,Amusement Parks and fun.(Ryan is obsessed with Native American music and dancing,he's contatntly drumming and singing their music)I have the folders filled with many links. and within those pages he's been able to find more links of the same interest on his own.I think he's pretty smart considering a neuroligist once said he wouldnt mature pass the age of 7. and to think,there are adults out there that cant do what he does on the computer. LOL.(Feb.2000)Some things have recently changed. I felt unsure that the class Ryan was in was the right plcae for him.I believe hisdxs with autism is whats in his way of learning properly.and seeing how well adjust his brothers been doing in his autisitic support classroom.Ive decided that was the place for Ryan too.I asked forn an IEP and days later Ryan was going to a new school and class where he adjusted nicely.Ryan whom wasnt mainstremed before now is. He goes to class's for Gym,Music,art and computer with reg kids.In his classroom they use Discrete Trial,TEACH and PECS. I feel It was the best move I could make.He seems happy there

Adamdxs with Autism is 5 years old Adam was nonverbal till last summer.Speech is starting to finally come,its a slow process.he has a few words hello,bye bye,potty,chips,pizza,open door and What happen? He is still using the P.E.C.S.Program Adam started kindergarden in the fall.He's in a special autisitc support classroom with 4 other children of different grades. 4 adults to 4 kids,I like the way that worked out.Adam is mainstremed with the Kindergarder's in gym,music,art and computer class's.Theres was a problem of Adam being afraid of Gym class with the kindergardners,So I went to his school everytime he had Gym and helped him to over come his fear.We've made allot progress,I got him into the gym,he's not clinging to me and covering his eyes or crying.He even let the gym teacher help him.we still dont know what scared him off Gym to begin with, the kids screaming? or the gym teachers whistle? Maybe one day he will tell me.Ryan recently joined Adam in his classroom.Adam seems ti like having his brother there and they are teaching them how to play games together. Both boys, through the Juniata River Center (MHMR) started Discrete Trial over the summer, and are now receiving it in their classrooms.They are quite a handfull, But I love them with my heart and soul. And I know how difficult it can be not having any one to talk to that would understand where I am coming from. I felt like it was only happening to me.

Then I discovered the # Autism chat line and found out I was not alone. There are families from different parts of the world and they understand. They've been there and can relate.It gave me some hope and a sense of direction. It sure makes life a little easier. And If theres a parent out there that I can make feel less alone, then I am dedicating my page to helping others like my self.Id like to clear something up,Im no professionsal,I dont have all the answers,My kids are still young and Im still learning and going through everything still myself.If you should contact me, I hope its cause you need a friend. I put the site together. so people could find as much info on autism in one place, to make the search easier. And we all do need life to be a little bit easier
Please come back soon and visit me.I would love to hear from other parents that can relate.
I would like to Thank Parent T0 Parent Magic A wonderful organization that has helped me and my family with respite,resourse's and helping me to connect to other parents like myself. And for being such wonderful friends. Thank you Joey & Margie! I would also like to thank my friends Tammy(My best friend), Bigbro, BradOandFirebirds(you know who you are)For helping me with my home page,without you it would not have been possible-(Big hugs to you all!)

Hello! My name is Rosey. I am the page mascott
If you get lost and need to find your way back here.
Just look for me.I'll show you the way.

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