Great Strides in Industry: The Second World War.

"This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure." -Winston Churchill

World War II: Fort Wayne joins in the fight.

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Camp Scott: Barricks to barbed wire.

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The Fort Wayne Daisies: Ladies in the outfield.

During the late 1800's and early 1900's, mens baseball was big business. Both professional baseball and the ability to play games at night were, as previously mentioned, Fort Wayne's claim to fame. By the 1940's, however, a new professional team came on the scene. In 1943 the All Girls Professional Baseball League, or AAGPBL was formed by Chicago Cubs owner, Philip K. Wrigley. Better known for his chewing gum and baseball stadium, Wrigley had a passion for baseball. The Girls league was formed to fill the void left by departing servicemen during World War II. This midwest league started with five teams but by 1948 grew to ten teams including the Fort Wayne Daisies.The Daisies were actually formed in 1945 but did not join the AAGPBL until 1948. Other teams thoughout the midwest included South Bend, Kenosha, Grand Rapids, Rock ford, and Racine. Agressive scouting brought in talent from all over the midwest including parts of Canada. In fact, talent was brought in as far away as Cuba where most of the spring training took place. The women would play six nights a week and kick off double headers on Sundays.

Such personalities as Dottie Collins and Helen Callaghan became the basis for the screenplay, "A League of Her Own". In fact, Callaghan won the title of the Ted Williams of baseball, a great honor at that time. Such an honor today might bring the title, the Mark Mcguire of baseball or Sammy Sosa of Baseball. The team began playing at Northside High School but finished its remainer seasons at Memorial Park. Men returning from the War and televised games bought the league to an end in 1953. In the eight years of its existence, the AAGPBL brought alot of talent and excitement to Fort Wayne. It proved heroes were not always found on the battlefield.

The Post War Era: Political Strife and Technological Genius! (1945-1949)

The Anthony Wayne Highway Proposal: A Political Bombshell!

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The Branning Administration: The Coal Scandal!

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The First Television: The Philo F. Farnsworth story!

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Fort Wayne: "America's Happiest City!".

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Courtesy of Allen County Public Library.
Courtesy of Allen County Public Library.
Courtesy of Allen County Public Library.

Maumee-Wabash Portage: The Glorious Gate.

Fort Miamis: The First European Settlers
Historic Fort Wayne: The Great American Outpost
Wabash and Erie Canal:The Great Waterway.
Johnny Appleseed: The Pioneer Spirit
The American Civil War: Fort Wayne's Soldiers.
Arrival Of Locomotives:The Canal's Demise.
The Rise of Industry: Fort Wayne's Revolution.
The Management of Progress:The Prewar Years.
The War to End All Wars: Patriotism and Fervor.
The Promise of Hope: The Depression Years.
High School Proms & Cherry Sodas: The Fifties.
The Coming of Age: Fort Wayne in the Sixties.
The Rebirth of Fort Wayne History: The Seventies.
A new Sense of Direction & Growth: The Eighties.
The Bicentennial of Fort Wayne: 200 Years of Prosperity.
The Year 2000: Reflections and Great Expectations.
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