The Promise of Hope: The Depression Years

"Fort Wayne was an outstanding city in the American Nation today for caring for it's own problem."--President Hoover's Administration

Detemined to Prosper: Fort Wayne in the 1930's.

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An Escape from Reality: The Auqua Club.

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Fort Wayne Reaches New Heights: The Lincoln Tower.

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This charcoal sketch is of the "shanty town" that existed near the present day City Jail along Clinton Avenue. Makeshift houses and lean-tos littered the landscape of downtown. Although a dark side to Fort Wayne, this "town" did not last long. Picture courtesy of Allen County Library.

Before the crash of Wall Street, Fort Wayne was picked as the site for the largest building in the State of Indiana. Lincoln tower was the tallest structure in Indiana for a good part of the 20th century.

One of the bright spots during this time was the Auqua Club. Members had to be of Fort Wayne origin and had to have taken part in festivities at the old canal basin located on the east side of the main street bridge. (now a parking lot) The club's membership was at its height during this time.

During the late twenties and early thirties sand was dumped on the shores of the St. Joesph River near the present location of Appleseed Park. The sand provided a recreational area for swimmers and fishers alike. It was abandoned soon after when it's murky waters were though to be the cause of a great many fatal dieases.

Maumee-Wabash Portage: The Glorious Gate.
Fort Miamis: The First European Settlers
Historic Fort Wayne: The Great American Outpost
Wabash and Erie Canal:The Great Waterway.
Johnny Appleseed: The Pioneer Spirit
The American Civil War: Fort Wayne's Soldiers.
Arrival Of Locomotives:The Canal's Demise.
The Rise of Industry: Fort Wayne's Revolution.
The Management of Progress:The Prewar Years.
The War to End All Wars: Patriotism and Fervor.
Great Strides in Industry: World War Two.
High School Proms & Cherry Sodas: The Fifties.
The Coming of Age: Fort Wayne in the Sixties.
The Rebirth of Fort Wayne History: The Seventies.
A new Sense of Direction & Growth: The Eighties.
The Bicentennial of Fort Wayne: 200 Years of Prosperity.
The Year 2000: Reflections and Great Expectations.

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