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Hi, I am Rocket's Mom. I use to live in the semi-wilds of northern Virginia when I started this web page, now I live in much wilder north eastern Michigan, USA with my politically incorrect husband and my dog Rocket and as of November 2005 his little sister Luna. My husband and I are both engineers who decided to retire early, ie. quit the rat race before becoming eligible for social security and pensions.

Some of my time I spend working on my web pages, hanging out at The Motley Fool, playing with Rocket and Luna, not collecting pelicans, gardening, and pursuing several hobbies which range from bird feeding and oil painting to astronomy and blogging. When I first retired I thought I would have more time to spend on my hobbies. I was wrong, it seems there is never enough time to enjoy oneself!

Choose a section, come on in and have fun! I know I haven't spent a lot of time updating these pages but I hope that will change now. Okay, I have to admit, as of April 2008 all I do here is add a sentence now and then to keep Yahoo! from dropping this site (just lost another one due to inactivity) so don't hold your breath. I'm more into blogging now. Haven't bought a pelican shaped object in years. Maybe I should just drop the site entirely. Email your opinions.

Collecting Gardening Hobbies


Early Retirement

And when you're done here check out Rocket's very own home page: a much less cerebral place.


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