blame infatuation - blame imagination

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Hello...welcome to my little page dedicated to The Cure. please make sure to bookmark it. i updated this main page on 25 february 2000...i'm adding various things around the site...also, thanks to all those who signed my guestbook...very sweet and nice! : ) also, if you have a chance, please sign my guestbook. bye! : )

"Her opening so well prepared

A nervous smile

I couldn't take my eyes from her

she whispered

'Can I use some of your lipstick?'

It was perfect so believable

I couldn't help but feel that it was real

and kissing crimson fell into her waiting arms."

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"blame infatuation - blame imagination"

As you can see I love The Cure. Some may not agree, but I don't classify The Cure into one particular genre of music, but rather as their own. Throughout the years, The Cure has mystified and mesmerized music listeners with music and lyrics that capture a part of the individual in some way and never sound the same. Although I do listen to other bands, The Cure is my favourite. I do hope you enjoy the journey. Oh yes, just in case the title of my homepage has sparked your curiosity, it is taken from The Cure song, "Strange Attraction," from the Wild Mood Swings album. The reason I chose it was because like in many things, you can become infatuated in the beginning and this was my first outlet for my infatuation. Also, even though the imagination is not truly present yet in this website, I am working on it : ). Get it? and make sure to visit has been recently updated and has wonderful additions!

instead of me making up something to say, i will let them tell you about themselves. as of 1996, the cure consists of:

robert smith

perry bamonte

simon gallup

roger o'donnell

jason cooper

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