Genealogy of the Royal Family of Bavaria1

HRH Princess Hilda and her descendants

HRH Hilda Hildegard Marie Gabriele Princess of Bavaria
* Berchtesgaden, March 24th, 1926


Lima, February 12th, 1949:
Juan Bradstock Edgar Lockett de Loayza
* Lima, March 30th, 1912
† Bad Reichenhall, December 8th, 1987

Children from this marriage:

  1. Juan Bradstock Christopher Henry Anthony Rupprecht Lockett de Baviera
    * Lima, April 10th, 1950


    (civil) Munich, April 22nd and (religious) Sankt Bartholomä, Königsee, May 9th, 1991:
    Martha Katharina Herdt
    * Hohenwart near Munich, February 28th, 1948

  2. Juan Bradstock Miguel Maria Alexander Lockett de Baviera
    * Lima, May 3rd, 1953

    Illegitimate children:

    1. David Seidel
      * 1977
    2. Roman Seidel
      * 1982
  3. Henry Maria Alexander Lockett de Baviera
    * Roßwies, April 11th, 1958
  4. Marie Isabel Lockett de Baviera
    * Roßwies, July 5th, 1960


    Traunstein, June 16th, 1986:
    Jakob Rudolf von Saldern
    * Roßwies, July 5th, 1960

    Children from this marriage:

    1. Charlotte Juanita Akazie Nerina von Saldern
      * Berlin, September 19th, 1986
    2. Hilaria Renata Hilda Giulia von Saldern
      * Berlin, December 17th, 1987


  1. With special thanks to Hein Bruins, Netty Leistra and Paul Theroff.

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