Genealogies of European Royal Families


This section contains the genealogies of the European royal families. Each genealogy starts on a separate page. Cadet branches also start on a new page.

Of each member all christian names, all titles or the complete surname are mentioned. The christian names, surnames and noble titles are in the original language. Christian names and surnames of people from countries with languages with a different alphabet - such as Greece, Montenegro, Russia and Serbia/Yugoslavia - are "translated" into the Latin alphabet.

Royal titles are translated into English. However, where the English language has no proper equivalent for certain titles, those titles are not translated. Those titles are the German titles Fürst/Fürstin, Altgraf/Altgräfin, Wild- und Rheingraf/Wild- und Rheingräfin, Ritter, Freiherr/Freifrau/Freiin and Edler/Edle and the Dutch titles Ridder and Jonkheer/Jonkvrouw(e).
As the German language makes disctintion between "von" and "zu" (both meaning "of") these words also are not translated except were the name of the country differs in the English language from the German language.

The style the members of a royal family enjoy are indicated with an abbreviation. Those are:

HDSH His/Her Ducal Serene Highness
HGDH His/Her Grand Ducal Highness
HH His/Her Highness
HIH His/Her Imperial Highness
H Ill H His/Her Illustrious Highness
HIM His/Her Imperial Majesty
HI & RH His/Her Imperial and Royal Highness
HM His/Her Majesty
HRH His/Her Royal Highness
HSH His/Her Serene Highness

Places and dates of birth, marriage, death, separation, divorce and annulment are as detailed as possible. The abbreviation n.s. behind a date indicates that that date is according to the Gregorian calendar we use today but that the event took place at a time and a place were the Julian calendar was in use.

Spouses of persons in the genealogy of a certain royal family that are on this website in another genealogy are hyperlinked.

Where possible pictures of the persons in the genealogies are added.

The Reigning Royal Families

The Non-Reigning Royal Families

Non-Royal Families

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Links to sites with genealogies of a single royal family are listed on the pages of those royal families.

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