Genealogy of the Royal Family of Prussia1

HRH Prince Wilhelm and his descendants

HRH Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Prince of Prussia
* Potsdam, July 3rd, 1783
† Berlin, September 28th, 1851


Berlin, January 12th, 1804:
HSH Marie Anne Amalie Landgravine von Hesse-Homburg
* Homburg, October 13th, 1785
† Berlin, April 14th, 1846

Children from this marriage:

  1. HRH Friederike Luise Karoline Amalie Wilhelmine Princess of Prussia
    * Berlin, July 4th, 1805
    † Danzig (today: Gdansk), November 23rd, 1806
  2. HRH Irene Princess of Prussia
    * Danzig (today: Gdansk), November 1806
    † Danzig (today: Gdansk), November 1806
  3. HRH Friedrich Tassilo Wilhelm Prince of Prussia
    * Berlin, October 29th, 1811
    † Berlin, January 9th, 1813
  4. HRH Heinrich Wilhelm Adalbert Prince of Prussia
    * Berlin, October 29th, 1811
    † Karlsbad, June 6th, 1873


    (morganatic) Berlin, April 20th, 1850:
    Therese Elssler
    * Vienna, April 5th, 1808
    † Meran, November 27th, 1884
    Created Frau von Barnim, April 21st, 1850

    Child from this marriage:

    1. Adalbert Johann Baptist Freiherr von Barnim
      * Berlin, April 22nd, 1841
      † Khartoum, July 12th, 1860
      Created Freiherr von Barnim, June 2nd, 1857
      (Born out of wedlock)
  5. HRH Friedrich Wilhelm Tassilo Prince of Prussia
    * November 15th, 1813
    † January 9th, 1814
  6. HRH Marie Elisabeth Karoline Viktoria Princess of Prussia
    * Berlin, June 18th, 1815
    † Bessungen, March 21st, 1885


    Berlin, October 22nd, 1836:
    HGDH Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Prince von Hesse und bei Rhine
    (Born as: HGDH Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Prince von Hesse)
    * Darmstadt, April 23rd, 1809
    † Darmstadt, March 20th, 1877
    Heir Pressumptive to the Throne of Hesse und bei Rhine, June 16th, 1848

  7. HRH Friedrich Wilhelm Waldemar Prince of Prussia
    * Berlin, August 2nd, 1817
    † Münster, February 17th, 1849
  8. HM Queen Marie of Bavaria née Princess of PrussiaHRH Friederike Franziska Auguste Marie Hedwig Princess of Prussia
    * Berlin, October 15th, 1825
    † Schloß Hohenschwangau, May 27th, 1889


    HM King Maximilian II of BavariaMarried:

    (by proxy) Berlin, October 5th and (in person) Allerheiligen Hofkirche, Residenz, Munich, October 12th, 1842:
    Maximilian II Joseph King of Bavaria
    (Born as: HRH Maximilian Joseph Prince of Bavaria)
    (Since October 23rd, 1825:) HRH Maximilian Joseph Crown Prince of Bavaria
    * Munich, November 28th, 1811
    † Munich, March 10th, 1864
    Crown Prince of Bavaria, October 23rd, 1825
    King of Bavaria, March 20th, 1848


  1. With special thanks to Brigitte Gastel Lloyd and Paul Theroff.

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