Genealogy of the Royal Family of Sweden1

Sigvard Bernadotte Count af Wisborg and his descendants

Count Sigvard Bernadotte af Wisborg and his wife Marianne LindbergHRH Sigvard Oscar Fredrik Prince of Sweden, Duke of Uppland
(Since March 8th, 1934:) Sigvard Oscar Fredrik Bernadotte
(Since July 2nd, 1951:) Sigvard Oscar Fredrik Bernadotte Count af Wisborg
* Drottningholm Palace near Stockholm, June 7th, 1907
† Stockholm, February 4th, 2002
Created Count af Wisborg by HRH Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, July 2nd, 1951


  1. (without consent) (civil) Caxton Hall, London, March 8th, 1934:
    Erika Maria Regina Rosalie Patzek
    * Wilmersdorf near Berlin, July 12th, 1911
    (Divorced: October 14th, 1943)
  2. (civil) Copenhagen, October 26th, 1943:
    Sonja Helene Robbert
    * Copenhagen, October 12th, 1909
    (Divorced: June 6th, 1961)
  3. Oscarskyrkan, Stockholm, July 30th, 1961:
    Gullan Marianne Lindberg
    * Helsingborg, July 15th, 1924

Child from the second marriage:

  1. Michael Alexander Sigvard Bernadotte Count af Wisborg
    * Copenhagen, August 21st, 1944


    Stuttgart, April 26th, 1974:
    Christine Diotima Elisabeth Wellhöfer
    * Stuttgart, April 26th, 1947

    Child from this marriage:

    1. Kajsa Michaela Sophia Bernadotte Countess af Wisborg
      * Stuttgart, October 12th, 1980


  1. Source: Queen Victoria's Descendants by Marlene A. Eilers. With special thanks to Hein Bruins, Brigitte Gastel Lloyd, Netty Leistra and Robert Warholm.

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