Genealogy of the Royal Family of Sweden1

HRH Princess Birgitta and her descendants

HRH Princess Birgitta von Hohenzollern née Princess of SwedenHRH Birgitta Ingeborg Alice Princess of Sweden
* Haga Palace, Stockholm, January 19th, 1937

HSH Prince Johann-Georg von HohenzollernMarried:

(civil) Rikssalet, Royal Palace, Stockholm, May 25th and (religious) Sankt Johann Kirche, Sigmaringen, May 30th, 1961:
HSH Johann-Georg Carol Leopold Eitel-Friedrich Meinrad Maria Hubertus Michael Prince von Hohenzollern ("Hansi")
* Schloß Sigmaringen, Sigmaringen, July 31st, 1932

HSH Prince Carl Christian von Hohenzollern with his wife and sonChildren from this marriage:

  1. HSH Carl Christian Friedrich Johannes Meinrad Maria Hubertus Edmund Prince von Hohenzollern ("Kiki")
    * Munich, April 5th, 1962


    Kreuzpullach, July 8th, 1999:
    Nicole Helene Neschitsch
    * Munich, January 22nd, 1968

    Child from this marriage:

    1. HSH Nikolas Johann Georg Maria Prince von Hohenzollern
      * Munich, November 22nd, 1999
  2. H Ill H Hereditary Count Heinrich zu Ortenburg and HSH Princess Désirée von HohenzollernHSH Désirée Margareta Victoria Louise Sybilla Katharina Maria Princess von Hohenzollern
    * Munich, November 27th, 1963


    (civil) Weitramsdorf near Coburg, September 21st and (religious) Sankt Luzen Kirche, Hechingen, October 6th, 1990:
    H Ill H Heinrich Franz Josef Georg Maria Hereditary Count zu Ortenburg
    * Bamberg, October 11th, 1956
    (Separated: 2000)

    Children from this marriage:

    1. H Ill H Carl Theodor Georg Philipp Maria Count zu Ortenburg
      * Lichtenfels, February 21st, 1992
    2. H Ill H Frederik Hubertus Ferdinand Maria Count zu Ortenburg
      * Lichtenfels, February 7th, 1995
    3. H Ill H Carolina Maria Franziska Christina Stephanie Countess zu Ortenburg
      * Lichtenfels, March 23rd, 1997
  3. Wedding photo of HSH Prince Hubertus von Honhenzollern and Ute KönigHSH Hubertus Gustav Adolf Veit Georg Meinrad Maria Alexander Prince von Hohenzollern ("Miki")
    * Munich, June 10th, 1966


    (civil) Grünwald, Munich, July 10th and (religious) St. Marc Chapel, Bellver Castle, Palma de Mallorca, September 23rd, 2000:
    Ute Maria König
    * Trier, February 25th, 1964

    Child from this marriage:

    1. HSH Lennart Prince von Hohenzollern
      * Munich, January 10th, 2001
      † Munich, January 14th, 2001


  1. Source: Queen Victoria's Descendants by Marlene A. Eilers. With special thanks to Hein Bruins, Verena Denzer, Brigitte Gastel Lloyd, Netty Leistra and Claes Mattsson.

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